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10 Procrastination Tips for College Students


Procrastination is one of the common enemies of most college students. It is really hard to quickly and easily complete all the tasks. Many students get stuck at a certain writing stage or cannot begin even the simplest essay. It leads to the violation of submission dates and so students lose many vital grades.

You may pay someone to write your essay for you when you procrastinate and have no time for writing papers from scratch. This solution is obvious and reasonable. Nonetheless, you will have to spend your money and lose time to find a reliable essay helper similar to CustomWritings. Moreover, you risk losing the grip on your skills because you cannot develop them when somebody else writes in your stead. Therefore, we propose 10 procrastination tips for college students that are highlighted in our useful guide. They are effective and will teach you to keep delays at bay.



Create a Stable Routine

The first rule you should stick to is to have a stable routine. You should take into account all your tasks and devote time to accomplish all of them. When you make learning a habit, you’ll avoid procrastination (at least in most cases). Your routine should include:

  • Academic tasks and duties;
  • Chores about the house;
  • Rest hours;
  • Time for private life.

Make sure you set only realistic deadlines. If you don’t do that, you may get disappointed about your failures. Assess your strengths and weaknesses, honestly.

Additional tip: Prioritize your goals. Be sure you do the most urgent task first. Reschedule tasks of lesser importance to complete them later.

Use Visual Support

It’s vital to have motivational tools in front of you. When you see the final destination, it helps to motivate you and go on. Every time you begin to procrastinate, take a look at the poster or a to-do list. It will motivate you to start writing, reading, researching, and so on.

Find a Study Buddy

Many students overcome procrastination thanks to their mates. When you collaborate with other students, you may receive the necessary inspiration and support. You may not want to write an essay, but your study buddy will find the words of encouragement. Besides, you may get motivated by seeing that your friends are writing the essay or have already submitted it. You may think to yourself – Am I a loser? Can’t I do the same? So, let’s get started!

Create the Appropriate Atmosphere

If you do not want to delay the execution of your tasks, get organized and disciplined. If you surround yourself with learning tools and materials, this atmosphere will make you go on. Make sure you have close at hand:

  • Textbooks;
  • Pens and paper;
  • Digital devices (cell phone, tablet, etc.);
  • Learning tools (grammar checkers, editors, etc.);
  • Motivational prompts (wallpapers, to-do lists, etc.).

Use a Digital Organizer

Smart students use special organizers to never forget about what they are expected to do. They help to register all your tasks, remind you of them, provide instructions, etc. For example, Evernote is a very popular digital organizer. By using it, you may:

  • Create tasks for every day, week, and month;
  • Create headers and add descriptions;
  • Set timers and reminders;
  • Take photos and screenshots;
  • Share data with your mates, etc.

Know Your Productivity Peaks

Only a few youngsters realize the potential of productivity peaks. All people are good workers during certain hours. Some are energetic and witty in the morning. The others may be effective from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Some folks do their best in the evening or at night. Obligatorily define your productivity peaks and try to complete most of your tasks (at least the most complicated) at that time.

Do the Most Challenging Tasks First

Oftentimes, students get rid of procrastination thanks to the priorities they set. It’s a logical strategy. Some people begin with the easiest tasks but as the day goes on, they get tired and cannot handle complicated tasks. Therefore, begin with the most challenging assignments when you are fresh and your mind is clear. Even if you get tied afterward you will find the strength to cope with simple liabilities.

Take Frequent Breaks

It’s vital to have regular rest. Even if you may have too many tasks, you should not exhaust your body and mind. Think about the obvious consequences. You may work hard a week o two without stoppage and enough sleep. Afterward, your system will give up, and you will not b able to fulfill the easiest tasks. Make sure you:

  • Take frequent but short breaks – 15 minutes every hour or 2 hours;
  • Sleep from 8 to 10 hours daily;
  • Take one day off every week;
  • Reward yourself;
  • Eat healthy food;
  • Drink enough water;
  • Are positive and happy.

Eliminate Distractions

You should be aware of everything that you do and what surrounds you. Perhaps someone or something draws your attention away, and it makes you delay. Firstly, pay attention to the surrounding people. If they are noisy, talk to them kindly and explain why you need silence. In case it didn’t work, look for a solitude place where you can work without noisy people. It may be a library, a café, a local park, etc.

Secondly, get rid of activities that distract you. These may be:

  • Social media platforms;
  • TV-shows;
  • Video games;
  • Cell phones, etc.

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Set Goals

Finally, we recommend setting clear goals to overcome procrastination. Set short- and long-term goals. They must be realistic. For example, short-term goals may be as follows:

  • Write an essay today;
  • Complete research paper on Friday;
  • Finish a blog post, etc.

To long-term goals may belong:

  • Finish a book at the end of the month;
  • Graduate from a college;
  • Find a job, etc.

Use the tips stated above wisely you will avoid procrastination in college and will get better in your studies. They are universal and effective to get rid of procrastination situations. By using them, you won’t delay, won’t violate the submission dates, and won’t lose essential grades.

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