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4 Important Reasons to Change Word to PDF

Word to PDF

It’s been a long time since we entered the information era. Look around you, and you’ll see that almost everyone has a phone, laptop, and other kinds of gadgets in their bodies. Going digital is the norm now. We’ve long said goodbyes with typewriters and switched to word processors like Microsoft Word, WPS, and many more.

One vital part that comes with tech is file management. Sure, you work every day with word processors in doing your projects, school assignments, and work reports. You might just leave your file in a folder without paying heed to its file format. Did you know that converting Word to PDF brings you significant benefits that you might not be aware of?

Change Word to PDF

Reasons Why You Should Convert Word to PDF

What is the portable document format?

Portable document format is a standard file format that many people use for various reasons. It is a great way to preserve a file’s formatting, enforce security, and many other purposes. If you do not know about this one, then maybe you might have to do your little inquiry by looking it up on the search bar. Here are a few reasons converting your word files to PDF is necessary.

Compatible with all systems

It’s a fact that different people have different versions of computers. Perhaps one might have a macOS, while the other has Windows. Their versions also vary, as seen in Windows 10 and Windows 8. One common problem that arises when you share files with other people is that they won’t open or the formatting changes. It could be a problem if something urgent related to the file occurs. You have to consider that people might view your word file on their phones, and it would be a hassle if they don’t have a word processor.

Preserves your document’s formatting

Like we’ve said above, it preserves your file’s formatting. It is an excellent trick to ensure that your file appears the same way as you left it even when someone opens it on another device. What does this entail? You can preserve your files’ integrity, and it makes your work more professional. Your reader or recipient may develop a certain level of trust in you because of your PDF. This benefit increases in importance in the corporate world, where contracts and such must retain their integrity.

Provides better security

Did you know you can encrypt your PDFs? You may choose between two types of encryption: user-password and owner-password. User-password allows someone who has the key to open and view the PDF file. On the other hand, owner-password enables you to restrict actions like printing, editing, copying, and many more. Restricting others from copying data from your file also ensures that your info remains safe.

Excellent for archiving

PDFs are great for storing and archiving your files long-term. You can compress them to reduce file size. What makes people awed is that the file formatting or layout remains precisely the same after so long. You don’t have to worry that you can’t access your files if there are technological advances in the near future. Amazing, right?

Convert Word to PDF in 4 easy steps online

Now that you know of the benefits you can take advantage of next time, you might wonder how you can convert your Word files to a portable document format. Honestly, it takes a cursory look on the web to find many websites that offer file conversion. If they all give the same service, why choose a specific one?

You would want to protect your information online. Not only that, but you would like to convert your file quickly without undergoing complicated processes. When it comes to efficiency and security, there’s no doubt that PDFBear’s Word to PDF conversion tool comes at the top. Here’s how you can use PDFBear to convert your files.

  1. Go to PDFBear.
  2. Choose the Word file you want to convert and upload to the site.
  3. PDFBear will automatically prepare, scan, and convert your file. All you have to do is wait.
  4. Download and save your newly converted PDF file

You might not be accustomed to using online file converters like PDFBear. However, it’s a guarantee that your experience with the said tool is safe and manageable. You don’t need to know a bunch of technicalities because there’s an easy-to-understand guide for you. Using PDFBear also removes the need to install software applications for file conversion. This way, there’s less space consumed, less time and effort spent, and all you’ve got to do is connect to the Internet.


Our everyday life is made up of working, going to school, and other activities that have something to do with documents. Using word processors is standard, but not many people convert their finished work into PDF. You’ve read four important reasons why you need to convert Word to PDF. Start converting your files and utilize these benefits now!

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