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4 Relevant Software For Business Process Documentation

Business Process Documentation

Business documentation is essentially the process of saving every relevant activity of all the staff working in a company, transactions the company makes from start to finish, accurate records of the goods or services sold and received as well as the money paid out or received. 

Every business, large or small, must have some method of documenting business dealings to keep track, prevent disorganization, theft, or legal hassles later on. The main purpose of these types of files is to save your company from loss or protect your assets.  

There are different types of business documents available today to help you keep your business records in order. These types of documentation can be used to edit relevant files, store information such as employee activities, resumes, and any other information related to your business transactions that would otherwise be lost or hard to find. Here are some of them. 

Excel WorkSheet (GogoPDF Converter)

Excel is an indispensable tool that you can use to keep track of activities like transactions, profits, and losses. With the cells, columns, and rows, you can record valuable information in an orderly manner. You can also use this to perform calculations needed for functions like employee payroll. 

However, while using excel for documentation, there might be a need to store old worksheets in an archive or send a report to your boss through email. In this case, you would need tools like GogoPDF that can help you convert XLS to PDF

GogoPDF is easy to use, and with a reliable internet connection, you would spend barely 5 minutes converting your files from one form to the other. When your file is ready, you can send it directly to your boss or fellow worker through email or download it to your computer. 

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a workflow tool made for people that are more visually inclined. With this tool, you can see a visual representation of the workflow in a chart format. It is a great Workflow tool that has been used by many business owners to manage their businesses effectively.

A workflow tool like Microsoft Visio is a set of programs that allow a business to keep a record of the actions involved in the creation and the completion of work items. 

Workflow tools can be used for tasks such as the following: recording orders, completing customer transactions, creating proposals, setting up meetings, tracking production, and handling payment systems.

A workflow tool also gives an organizational structure for the development, execution, and monitoring of a well-defined sequence of activities, organized as a workflow program. 


Trello is probably the most popular among the project management and documentation tools. Project management tools are a person’s answer to organize tasks into bundles that can be completed in specific periods.

Tasks can involve proper planning, assigning projects, setting goals, monitoring the completion time, and constantly monitoring the email threads associated with the projects. All of those tasks can easily be managed, if you have an effective tool to use, such as Trello.

Trello combines the power of task management software, and a board to bring you a team communication and collaboration tool that allow users to collaborate on a single project. So if you need to improve your workflow with your teammates then you should consider using the Trello boards.

Google Drive 

If you need a free tool that can help you store files easily then google drive is the solution. With google drive, you can store both written and visual content and easily share it with your teammates using the link. More than one person can work with a google drive file at a time, so it makes collaborations easy. You can also make suggestions and edits to files. 

While storing documents, it is important to label each box so you know what type of document you opened in each folder. You can use the color-coding system to arrange folders according to sections. It will help you quickly locate documents when you need them without wasting time. 

In Conclusion 

It is advised you take advantage of the various tools and software online to document your company’s activities. By doing this, it would only take you a few minutes to track activities and look for documents when you need them. 

It is a good idea to search for software that will save you time. These software can be used for free, or for a fee which is mostly the case if more than 3 employees would have access to it, depending on the features offered. Once you have found the right documentation software, your company’s workflow and documentation process would be made easy. Some of the best ones that you can use are the software listed above. Make sure to give them a try and see how it can streamline your work!

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