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5 Unique Gift Ideas That Will Surprise Her

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The cupid has shot his arrows, and the love bells have already started ringing aloud. Markets are flooded with heart-shaped accessories and cute little stuff that can be offered as gifts. Valentine’s day is around the corner and all of us have started making plans for the same. If you are thinking about the same and have begun a hunt for Valentine day gifts, you have landed on the correct destination. We have come up with various ideas that can be used to make your sweetheart smile on a special day. Choose from the list below and have a great day ahead.



It is always a romantic idea to share the frame with your romantic partner. You guys can enjoy each other’s company and get several pictures clicked together. You can always look back at these photos and recollect the associated memories. This sounds romantic, but there’s no uniqueness left to this idea. Hence, you must do something else for your lady love. You can either choose a picture of you two or walk along with your partner and get a cute little sculpture carved out. This one is exceptional because this sculpture is that of you and your partner. You can give it to her so that she can always look at it and think how creative you get when it comes to expressing your love for her.


It is common observation that most of the DIY gift ideas are often executed by females. Girls usually spare a lot of time for their love. They tend to come up with handmade gifts and greeting cards. While they do it often, They rarely receive it in return. Not that they expect the same, yet they would surely love to receive handmade cards or handwritten love notes because they add a personal touch to the gift and make it more memorable. So this Valentine’s day, get geared up for a little extra effort and fill a jar with little notes which tell why you love her so much. She can open this jar of emotions whenever she wants to and feel loved.


A personalised jewelry such as a sweet little neckpiece along with Valentine flowers can be a good reminder of your affection. You can choose either a golden or a silver chain and add a rice grain pendant to it. This tiny grain of rice can either have her name written on it or both of your names on it. You can surprise your loved one with this little gift that will leave lasting impressions on her mind. She will be amazed by your thoughtfulness and would be thankful for being blessed with such a loving husband.


The idea is to create a beautiful and long-lasting hand-hold sculptor that would preserve your bond forever. You must have often seen the videos of the same on social media. You would have also found it tempting, so why not give it a try? You can either go to experts and get it done or you two can do it together as well. You will enjoy it more.


What else can be more thankful than giving something which is full of thoughts itself? Books are full of knowledge; they are great choices for a gift. You can travel into some other time and location while reading. It is a fun experience. You can give a novel or a collection of poetry to your beloved. You can also write a sweet message inside, which would always remind her of your love.

All the ideas mentioned above are exceptional and absolutely perfect for leaving your partner astonished on Valentine’s Day. So, make the right choice and make it memorable for your partner. You can also look for personalized Valentine gifts online and make your gifts more thoughtful and affectionate.

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