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6 Stress Management Techniques for Students that Work

Management Techniques for Students

High school, College, and University provide independence and freedom to students. However, with this freedom also comes a sense of responsibility. Besides, studying, maintaining a social life, and a job will stress you out if you do not manage it properly. Consequently, approximately 1100 students commit suicide every year because of stress.

Stress Triggers

There are many causes that students are stressed nowadays, but these are the main causes and triggers:

  • Assignment deadlines – procrastination makes it difficult for students to work on time and cause them to stress out. Thus, you should try to manage time properly.
  • Upcoming Exams – mostly with exams students tend to panic and doubt themselves a lot.
  • Too Little Rest – more work and less rest are also one of the main stress triggers. You need a fixed sleep schedule as well.
  • Lack of Support – many students do not have support from their teachers or parents. Thus, they feel alone due to this.
  • Changes in Routine – every student has a fixed schedule. Therefore, any changes in this schedule may cause stress.

Effect of Stress on Student

These stress triggers have a mental, physical, and emotional effect on students. A stressed student might hyperventilate. Additionally, blood pressure rises, and palpitations are a common symptom of stress. An increase in heart rate is also observed.

Besides that, mental health gets disturbed due to stress. Depression and anxiety affect the ability to think and cause brain damage. Students also face irritability and anger issues because of stress. As a result, many students feel hopeless and unhappy.

Stress Management

Stress management helps students in many ways. They can enjoy social life and studies. Here are some tips for stressed students:

Stay positive

A positive outlook on life helps you more than you think. If you surround yourself with negative energy, you will feel stressed. Try to clear your mind of these negative thoughts. If you get low marks in a subject, think of how you can improve those grades instead of lamenting over them.

Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is the worst enemy of a student. The best way to stop procrastinating is to get the heavy workload done right away and then start on the easy tasks. Thus, managing your schedule is extremely important to prevent time-wasting.

Sleep Pattern

You must sleep on time and wake up on time. A good sleep pattern is also good for your overall health. Most of the time, the lethargy that you feel comes from a night of irregular sleep. However, this will go away once you fix your sleep schedule.


A healthy body will also lessen your stress. Therefore, you need to exercise regularly. If you cannot exercise daily then try to exercise weekly. Yoga is the best exercise for students. Additionally, meditation helps in removing stress as well.


As we all know, music is the ultimate stress reliever. Listening to good music makes you calm. Many students find music soothing, and it relieves stress. It is a good distraction as well. However, stay away from music that makes you feel worse.

Healthy Diet

Students are in a growing phase. Thus, eating good diet food also helps them achieve a healthy body. A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand-in-hand. Many pieces of research show that healthy food helps you maintain a good mind and a healthy brain.


Students need to be stress-free. High school students and college students suffer more from stress than elementary school students or kindergarteners. It is still easy to prepare them for managing when they are young. A good kindergarten can instill many great habits into the child. There are many good international schools for kindergarten open nowadays that help students from an early age.

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