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7-Step Guide To Dispose Old And Broken Appliances Safely

If you have an upcoming overhaul project of your home with brand-new appliances and you’re thinking of letting go of the old ones, the disposal part can be a challenging task for many homeowners. Appliances are bulky and usually have materials that make the removal process complex and expensive.

Dispose Old Appliances Safely

Broken appliances are often hard to dispose of safely as some components might contain dangerous gases or materials, and most municipalities implement strict guidelines on disposal. Remember, incorrect removal of household appliances can be detrimental to the environment, and you might end up with a substantial fine. When you have several appliances at home, it’s crucial to dispose of them properly. Find more info on safe disposal options to help you make the right choice.

If you find it hard to decide on how to dispose of your old appliances, here are several options to ensure efficient and safe disposal:

Dispose of Old And Broken Appliances Safely
Dispose of Old And Broken Appliances Safely

1. Employ The Services Of A Junk Removal Provider

The majority of junk removal companies will accept broken appliances for disposal or recycling. If you have appliances that are difficult to get rid of, this is an excellent option to consider. In most providers, the service rate depends on the amount of space your item takes up. The difference with a roll-off dumpster is that professionals will handle the loading of your items.

2. Utilize The Local Municipal Pickup

When you have broken appliances to dispose of, the easiest thing you can do is to leave them at the curb. Before doing so, check if your city offers collection and recycling services for large appliances.

In most cases, you have to schedule the removal and pay an extra fee in addition to your regular trash bill. However, this option might only be available by location. With this in mind, call your local municipal waste agency for suggestions on what to do with your old and broken appliances.

3. Rent A Roll-Off Dumpster

A simple way to readily move out all your old and broken appliances is to rent a roll-off dumpster. Load all the appliances into the bin and get in touch with the company once it’s ready to be hauled away.

An advantage of renting a dumpster is you can hold onto it until you finish your project. Additionally, if you have a home cleanout or renovation project, you can dispose of other items along with your broken appliances. Before renting one, you need to consider the available sizes, weight limits, or restrictions that vary by location.

4. Sell Your Appliances

Selling your appliances is a good approach if you only have one or two to dispose of. Broken appliances often have remaining functioning components that other people use to fix another appliance of a similar type. Try to check online and determine if there’s a market for your stuff. Even if you only get a meager price for your items, you can dispose of them in no time.

5. Donate

Depending on where you reside, various organizations repurpose old and broken appliances and utilize them for good causes. Check with the local non-profit groups in your area if they can find a purpose for your broken appliances. Don’t forget to clearly state that yours are no longer functional and would require repairs.

6. Return The Appliances To The Manufacturer

Several manufacturers offer programs where you can return appliances for proper disposal. If you want to try out this option, get in touch with the manufacturer of your appliances and determine if they offer this program or suggest a local disposal or donation center. In most cases, the drawback with this option is the expensive postage for returning the appliance.

7. Go To The Dumpsite

If you find it a hassle to hire someone else to get rid of your broken appliances, consider handling the disposal yourself. You can dispose of your appliances at most transfer stations or landfills for a fee.

When you’re going to get rid of a cooling unit or refrigerator, there’s a need to drain the refrigerants before dumping, but most facilities will tackle this step for you. For safety reasons, securely strap down your appliances before moving them away. A drawback you should consider with this approach is the landfill, scrap yard, or transfer station location. If the site is far away, you also need to include the expense for gas.

Dispose Old And Broken Appliances Safely
Dispose of Old And Broken Appliances Safely


When it’s time to let go of broken or old appliances, the disposal part can be a challenge for most homeowners. Luckily, with the help of these disposal options, you can choose the suitable one to ensure efficient and safe disposal.

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