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Apple Announces Its New iPod in Four Years

Apple Announces Its New iPod in Four Years

In this updated news we’ll discuss the new iPod that Apple announces after 4 years, its Price, Features and everything.

It’s time for iPod touch lovers to get excited about Apple’s new release.

On Tuesday, Apple reminded the fans of the iPod touch that they have not forgotten them and released a new iPod in 2015.

Some might consider iPod to be outdated. However, the fact that it is small in size and has a cheaper price will attract new consumers from a different market industry for apple.

It will give them more and other consumers than the ones who buy its premium iPhones.

Apple iPhones have taken a huge slum on its sales. The reason according to Tim Cook the CEO, increased prices are slowing down sales.

In 2008, iPod sales were the highest they can be. Apple sold more than 55 million units of iPods.

However, in 2013, Apple sold less than 20 million iPods, Apple stopped its publicity of the sales figures of iPods.

The iPods stopped prominently listing the iPods on their website or have them displayed in their stores. However, there are some consumers, who still love and buy them.

The new iPod touch

It has gotten said that there will be a small hardware upgrade on their new iPod touch.

The new iPod touch will operate on an A10 Fusion chip, which is older than the ones that get used in the newest iPhones. The A10 Fusion chip is 3 years old as it got used in the iPhone 7.

The iPod version of 2015 operated on an A8 chip, which is much slower than A10.

In a statement, Greg Joswiak:

“The marketing vice president said that upgraded chip means the iPod touch is “twice as fast as before.”

In simpler words, it means that the new iPod touch will have support for reality apps and FaceTime calls.

Furthermore, Apple is using the launch of this new iPod touch to promote its Apple Arcade, the new gaming subscription that they announced in March.

The new iPod touch will have a 256 storage option for those customers that want to save extra music files.

This storage option is the largest storage capacity that got put in an iPod by Apple.

iPod Classic

The iPod classic, the one that has the click wheel and has gotten discontinued, came with 160Gb storage.

The new iPod touch has a similar appearance to the older ones that have a physical home button and a small four-inch display. Furthermore, its price is lower than most new iPhones.

The new iPod touch’s starting price for 32 GB is $199, and it goes to $399 for the 256GB. On Tuesday, it will be available for order in 27 countries, and one can get it in white, gold, blue, pink, red, and space grey.

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