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The Best Anime Wallpaper Sites for the Desktop

The anime in the west commonly known as Japanese animation has become one of the popular sites for juggernaut mainstream enjoyed by people all over the world. They share every genre, every taste, and every type of animation you can imagine. Do you want to know where you can get personalized desktop computer background and reflection of the love for anime? Then read this article to become informed.

Other than these, you can also download wallpapers of your favorite anime characters from the following websites.

  • Konachan / Yande.re
  • Danbooru
  • Zerochan
  • Shuushuu
  • r/AnimeWallpapers
  • Wallpapercraft
  • /w/ – 4chan
  • AlphaCoders
  • DeviantArt
  • theOtaku
Best Anime Wallpaper Sites

Best Anime Wallpaper Sites


Wallhaven offers an intuitive wallpaper database together with a search tool that has a dedicated section for the anime wallpapers with filters that get rid of adult content or borderline content. The site also follows the steps of the defunct 4Scrape and 4Walled. When it comes to wallpapers, they can be arranged basing on popularity, time-released, or in random order.

The site also has comprehensive filters that help to find pictures of a particular resolution or even shape. The keywords and the various tagging for searching are community-driven and thus one may sometimes find the wrong content during the search due to mislabeling. The best part of this site is that you can correct the tags. If one has registered and logged in the site can remember which wallpapers you have seen and also marks them.


Aims at the Wallhaven’s crown by having an interface and an overall look that is similar to it at the first look but on using it one easily notices such a great difference. The site does not have a dedicated anime section though there are plenty of anime wallpapers on its interface. When using this site one is only needed to key in the name anime and search after which everything available is displayed.

The filters on this site are not more defined like those in Wallhaven by having only a single NSFW switch, instead of the three-tier system of the other site. The only disadvantage of the site is that you have to be logged in to obtain and download high-quality wallpaper.


One of the most venerable anime wallpaper sites on the web and has been around for many years. It has very high-resolution scans of anime and manga media which can be used as wallpapers or be used to make wallpapers which makes it famous. In comparison to Wallhaven and Wallhere, the site looks a little dated and you will find that most of its wallpapers on other sites, some may be unique or those having less mainstream may also be found here.


Refers to a Reddit community that puts out a constant stream of anime wallpapers. One can request for a specific wallpaper to be made by the community by direct chat to the maker of the wallpaper. Unlike other sites, this site uses the Reddit site’s functionality in which the community has come up with their conventions to help one filter out the wallpapers interested in. For example, tagging in the wallpaper as either mobile or desktop type. The posters also show the resolution of the wallpapers. The uniqueness of the site makes it such a treasure to explore through.

Wallpaper Abyss

The site is such a huge store of anime wallpapers. It has a massive collection of wallpapers on offer. The anime subsection has more than 180 000 wallpapers at hand. This may seem such a task to find your desired wallpaper but the site has a good filter and search system that helps to narrow down the various options. One can choose to only see images of specific resolution or even change their display from paginated to infinite scrolling.

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