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The Best Free Solitaire Sites To Play When You Are Bored

Solitaire is one of the earliest games dating back to the 1800s. It was first included in the windows operating system in 1990 and since then, it has been one of the best games used by people to pass time while in homes, and offices. The main challenge with windows solitaire is the changing version of Microsoft. This should not worry you since hundreds of free online solitaire websites offer old-school solitaire to play. To enjoy the wonderful solitaire game the here are some of the outstanding online sites to check on.

Free Solitaire Sites

Free Solitaire Sites


This is a simple free online solitaire game that most people will prefer for a start. This site provides entertainment for most casual solitaire from early ago till now. The game provides both original and spider variants for play in your browser. One can also customize the game to turn one or three cards at ago while also showing the running score for one to assess their performance.

The customization is a little limited which may easily fit your style of playing the game. To add to its advantages the game has a presentable interface that is easy to use while you can also change to Sudoku or Mahjong games to kill boredom.

World of solitaire

Despite its interface looking dated, this should not put you off since the world of solitaire has the most powerful solitaire experience that has several customization keys you won’t find in any other online solitaire game. The game offers more than 125 different variants that are arranged in A-Z form that caters for both standard and spider solitaire as well as some funny variants like Yukon and Citadel.

This game also has a registration section that enables one to save his performance and gameplay statistics. It also has a background deck and also allows one to change languages.

Solitaire FRVR

The game is such a rare beast that has created a million-dollar business with trusted, well-paid HTML5 game classics and is one of the games from the game developers. The game may just look like a clone to humble observers but with its simple card design and a green deck, it hides such a huge number of customization options. If you really in need of digital modern solitaire then this is the best game choice.

Cardgames.io Solitaire

If you are obsessed with the cards then am sure you have visited the site. The website hosts some of the most enjoyable free online card games such as Go Fish and Crazy Eights. It has both the spider and solitaire variants along with other variants such as Yukon and Kings in the Corner Despite the site being dated the games are fast and simple to play. For those who don’t know how to play the rules are easily accessible together with the options to change the gameplay, themes, and speed of the game.


Variety helps spice up life and thus if you are looking for a spiced solitaire card game then the website has got you covered. It has more than 546 variants such as Spider, Classic, Free cell, and many more others. The game has a pretty interface that is similar in all variants. It also has timers and counters placed on the top and a card deck below.

One can easily flip the cards or pause the timer while going for a break. The game also allows you to create an account in which you can resume your game at any point while giving an overview of your skill improvement.

247 Solitaire

Game experience on 247 Solitaire is probably one of the best-suited games for mobile users, as well as this game is also a perfectly playable Solitaire game for your desktop browser.

Google Solitaire

You can play Google Solitaire right anytime by typing solitaire into the Google Search bar. Google has its own Solitaire game that will appear right after your search— Press the Play button to start playing immediately.

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