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Best Online Tools to increase your Productivity

Times have changed, there used to be a lot of things that we did without the help of “tools” like setting up reminders for different events using sticky notes to constantly remind ourselves of the tasks that  or making long lists of groceries that we needed to buy from stores and so much more that has now taken over by the use of technology or what we call as applications in our phone or laptop that makes it a lot more easier and efficient and it also saves us ton of time.

In this article however, we are going to take a look at some of the useful online tools that can help us with everyday tasks like arranging objects into groups, making teams, help us make decisions and much more depending on what you want to do.

Random Choice Generator

Random Group Generator

There are several reasons that I can think of right now that requires us to divide objects/people into groups whether we are playing games with our friends like making teams in FIFA and competing against each other or dividing people into teams for party games, it just totally depends on what you need to do.

And using this tool is rather simple, all it takes is the list of objects/people that you want to divide into random groups or teams and the number of groups you want them to divide into. It does all the calculation for you within seconds, so you don’t have to waste any of your precious time on it. Just hit generate and it will come up with random teams, that if you don’t like or want to change all you need to do is just hit the generate button again and it’ll come up with different formations.

So, whether you are a teenager who wants to use this for gaming or a sports coach who wants to divide his players into different random teams or a teacher who wants to make random groups for assignment and stuff (better leave it to the students) so yeah, the possibilities are endless here.

Random Choice Generator

Now there are times when we become indecisive of what we want like picking up a dish at a restaurant or a dress at the shopping mall or even flip the coin for the toss. In cases like these Random Choice Generator, can prove to be a lot useful in helping you make decisions or making a random choice.

All you need to do is just simply put the list of all the options that you have, like the list of all colors that you’d want to wear today and just hit the generate button to come up with a random choice that you’d have to go for (otherwise why would you use that?).

You could also combine both of the tools like as a teacher, you have made the groups of all the students and assigned them their tasks or presentations and now you want them come up and present, you could use the choice generator to pick them randomly, I mean why not?

Randomify is the perfect place to find all the online tools that might help you in your day to day life with variety to “random generator tools” that you won’t find anywhere else.

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