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Best Types of Chairs for Office Work

Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows that no two offices are alike. For every unique workplace, there are different chairs to fit its employee’s needs.

The question of “which chair is the best office chair” will depend on a multitude of factors including a person’s stature, how often and how long they sit in their chair, and what type of office the chair will be used in.

Chairs for Office Work

We investigated four of the most popular chair types:

  1. The Ergonomic Chair
  2. The Drafting Chair
  3. The Executive Chair
  4. The Kneeling Chair

To compare their merits and discover which situations they are best suited for. Getting the best computer chair for long hours of work is crucial. There are many different types of chairs you can choose from like a reclining office chair with footrest.

Best Types of Chairs for Office Work
Best Types of Chairs for Office Work

Ergonomic Chair

While any chair can have body-friendly components, an ergonomic chair is one that is designed to provide maximum support and minimize physical discomfort or injury. These chairs allow the user to rest in as natural a position as possible because the components of the chair work in tandem to keep your posture aligned and in a default state.

This reduces the amount of tension and pressure on key areas of the body such as the head, neck, shoulders, back, and legs. Sitting at a desk job all day can result in a myriad of symptoms including back pain, neck tension, shoulder hunching, and compression of the tendons and veins.

When used properly, an ergonomic chair can relieve these ailments, and in some cases even prevent them from developing in the first place.

Drafting Chair

Drafting chairs are a great option if you tend to get up and move around frequently during the workday. When you go from sitting to standing and vice versa, the further your body must travel between the two positions, the more energy you expend. Drafting chairs help close the gap between standing and sitting with their high seats.

This means that if you’re standing at your desk, the seat of the drafting chair can be positioned directly behind you at hip height to reduce the distance you need to lower your body to actually sit in the chair. Drafting chairs typically come with an adjustable seat height to accommodate different individuals, but this means you can also lower the chair to the height of a regular office chair if you find that you don’t need to stand up as frequently.

This makes them a very versatile option, especially if you have multiple people using the same chair throughout the day.

Executive Chair

When you think of “the boss’s office”, what do you see? Chances are you’re picturing a C-level executive suite with a big, looming desk and an expensive, cushy-looking leather chair. That chair is aptly named the executive chair. These chairs are often made from high-end materials giving them a plush and luxurious look.

In contrast to many other office chairs out there, the form of an executive chair serves just as much purpose as its function. An executive chair immediately adds a sense of power or authority to a room. These chairs can be useful if you frequently conduct interviews or hold performance reviews for your employees- the regal, the almost intimidating aura of the chair lets everyone in your office know that you’re in charge.

In addition, executive chairs frequently boast lumbar cushions and neck supports, similar to those of an ergonomic chair. This means that your chair will be as pleasing to sit in as it is to look at. If you have a private office at work, or even if you want to spruce up your home office, you might consider shelling out a little extra money for the luxury feel that an executive chair can provide.

Kneeling Chair

Finally, if you don’t sit at your desk for prolonged periods of time and you’re looking for a piece of furniture that’s visually unique, a kneeling chair might be right for you. Kneeling probably isn’t the first position that comes to mind when you’re thinking of a comfortable way to sit.

However, experts say that having your knees underneath your body actually aligns your neck and back in a position most comparable to standing. This keeps spinal compression and tension to a minimum, which means that a kneeling chair could help if you typically experience lower back pain when sitting. The downside to a kneeling chair is that a great deal of pressure is put on your knees and shins while sitting, so they can be impractical for extended use.

Instead, you might consider pairing a kneeling chair with another type of office chair to switch up the position your body is in throughout the day to improve your circulation and reduce tension.

The four styles covered here do not comprise an exhaustive list when it comes to office chairs. However, they represent a popular subset of chairs that each have their own individual merits. The type of office you work in, the length of your workday, and even your own personal preference will all play key roles in deciding which type of office chair is the “best” one for you.

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