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Bubble Flare vs. Double Flare


Bubble flare vs. double flare: What is the difference?

No matter whether you’re a car owner or not, you will think of the internal system of a car to be complicated and complex, unless you’re a mechanic!

However, if we were to break each component of the car individually and see what each part does, then it will become easier to understand.

The same thing gets needed to understand the brake flares.

What is a brake flare?

Many people have no idea what a brake flare is.

Your brake in your car will have a flare, which is the most important part.

The flare in the brake ensures that your brake is working correctly.

You would not want your brake to stop working, can you imagine the panic!

The type and quality of a flare you use will determine how long it lasts you.

At times you might have noticed fluid coming out of your brake flare. The cause can be a not good quality flare.

If you wish to sort or know the flare of your brake, for your own safety, then the best place to start is from knowing about bubble flare vs. double flare.

Bubble Flare vs. Double Flare: Basic Differences

If you were to take your car to a professional, then he would probably use both the double and bubble flare brake tool in your car.

That is why it is necessary for you to know as much as you can about them.

The debate about the double flare vs. bubble flare has been going on for a long time, and once you understand it, it will stay in your head for as long as you have a car that needs a braking flare system.

We will first understand how a brake system works

When you press down the brake pedal, it will cause compression.

The compression will happen in the master cylinder.

Hydraulic gets created and it makes fluid go in every part of the car, making the brake system work.

The main basis of the brake system to work is by ensuring that there is no air stuck in it.

The inside has to be airtight.

To have it airtight is where the flare comes in. The double flare and bubble flare brake lines are the two most standard ones.

Let us look at each brake line individually first.

Double Flare Brake Line

Double Flare Brake Line

The Double Flare Brake Line

First, we will look at the double flare brake line.

From the two different types of flares that the automotive braking system uses, the most popular is the double flare.

However, even though this is popular worldwide, the bubble flare system gets used in most European cars.

The double flare is the name used conventionally for this flare.

However, experts also know this flare as SAE and the Inverted Style Flare.

This thing with double flare is that it can handle various differences of productions.

The double flare system enters the end line within the brakes twice.

This requires the single flare lip to fold over the system for the double flare.

Single flare looks much similar to double flare.

However, double flare is more reliable, long-lasting, and more resolute.

A single flare cannot hold the amount of heavy pressure that happens within the braking system, but a double flare can.

A double flare break can handle this pressure without a problem.

Bubble Flare Brake Line

Bubble Flare Brake Line

The Bubble Flare Brake Line

Next, let us look at bubble flare.

Bubble flare gets used mostly in Europe and is quite popular there.

Furthermore, vehicles that get imported from Europe to other countries use bubble flares.

Also, some vehicles in America and Asia use this flare.

Bubble flare is also known as DIN or ISO.

If you want to make a double flare, you have to make a bubble flare braking line first.

The overall look of a bubble flare is similar to the head of the screw.

There is a 90 degrees flare at the bottom of a bubble flare.

The first step that one has to do when making a double flare brake line is making a bubble flare brake line.

In simpler words, one has to make a bubble flare first if they wish to use a double flare in their brake system of the car.

However, if a person wanted, they could create a bubble flare using a double flare.

Unlike the double flare, a bubble flare cannot handle high pressure.

That is the main reason why many prefer double flare.

Nevertheless, a person can use a bubble flare when the end tube of the brake system looks like a button.

Temperatures of Each Brake Flare Lines

When it comes to two different temperatures, any flare line will work under them.

The two temperatures are 37 degrees and 45 degrees.

45 degrees is the temperature that gets used most commonly for a flare.

As double flare gets used more than brake flare line and the double flare functions in a 45-degree temperature, making it most common.

That is why at times, double flare also gets known as a 45-degree flaring system.

Bubble flare uses a 37-degree temperature.

Normally, the bubble flare brake lines get used by the US Army and Navy.

Another industry that uses this flare as the base for its fitting is JIC (Joint Industry Council).

Making a Bubble Flare with a Double Flare Tool

A double flare also gets known as an all-in-one tool kit for your car’s braking system.

Therefore, you can make a bubble flare from a double flare by using the right tools.

The thing is, a double flare can easily make any flare.

If you were to get an all-in-one flare for your car, then it will be nothing but highly useful.

It gives you the freedom to move from one flare to another.

You get many options and a lot of flexibility with a double flare tool.

Future Prospects of the Two Brake Flares

The simplicity of the bubble flare is what made it so popular.

Even though a double flare has more functions.

The flare market is transforming. There is an increase in the production of bubble flare, but double flare has gotten expected to dominate the future in the market.

As we mentioned before, a double flare braking system gives you more functions.

Furthermore, double flares are popular all around the world.

That is why the market will belong to the double flare.

However, that does not mean that the production of bubble flare will decrease. In fact, it’s rising.


We believe a vehicle owner should know the basic differences between a bubble flare vs. a double flare. The braking system is an important part of a vehicle, and a flare is the most important part of a braking system.

We hope our article regarding the differences between bubble flare vs double flare gave you the information you need to know about your flare in your braking system.

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