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Cake flavours for wedding Anniversary Party

Hosting a wedding anniversary party sounds pretty exciting, but it needs lots of time and effort. As a host, you need to take care of even the smallest details. It includes decoration, flowers, gifts, food, beverages and a lot of things. Choosing a cake can be one of the most difficult parts because the cake is the heart of the party. It is actually the centre of attraction among all the guests.

So if you are hosting your wedding anniversary party, you might be looking for an exquisite cake flavour to impress your guests as well as make your anniversary party worth remembering and special. To ease the process of selecting the cake flavours for you, here we have curated a list of unique cake flavors for you to choose from for the wedding anniversary party.

Vanilla cake-

This is quite a basic cake but yet very classy and versatile flavour. This is relatively simpler from all the cake flavours but is huge in demand due to its neutral taste. If you want to get a simple but equally delicious anniversary cake, you can certainly choose vanilla cake. An authentic vanilla cake has a perfect amount of sweetness and essence which makes it truly appetizing and delicious. Just get a beautiful, delicious vanilla cake on your wedding anniversary for your guests to enjoy.

Chocolate Cake-

This is the most loved cake by all the age groups from kids to adults to old age people. So why not get a lip-smacking chocolate cake on your big-day? The chocolate flavour and the settled bread in it makes this cake delicious. Chocolate cake comes in a variety of flavours from dark chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, Kitkat cake etc. All these cakes have different flavours and textures. You can choose according to your preferences. I am sure you and your guest will enjoy having this cake.

Fruit Cake-

A fresh and authentic fruit cake not just looks beautiful but tastes scrumptious. This is a combination of a basic vanilla cake with lots of fruit toppings. What makes it different is the fruit toppings. A fresh fruit cake is all you need for your anniversary party for your guests.

You can customise this cake by choosing fruit toppings according to your preferences and tastes. Options like kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, grapes, apple and many more are available.

You can go for single fruit toppings or even multi-fruit toppings. There is online cake delivery in Bangalore for your conveniences.

Chocolate Red Velvet cake-

You must have heard of a chocolate cake and red velvet cake but separately. This cake is a perfect combination of chocolate and classic red velvet cake. If you want something different for your wedding anniversary party, you can blindly choose to order this cake. This cake has that chocolate indulgence along with the flavour and essence of the classic red velvet cake. It makes it perfect for a wedding anniversary. This way your guest can enjoy two classic cake flavours in one.

Black forest-

It is a perfect blend of simply classic vanilla cake and chocolate cake which makes it mouth watering. This cake has a little bit of everything in it. It is made with vanilla base and frosting, chocolate drippings on the side and shreds with cherries on the top. This cake gives you a taste of everything that has been added to it with a twist. You can customise this cake by changing the amount of chocolate if you want your cake to have more of its flavors.

ButterScotch cake

This cake has a different fanbase. Among all the cake flavours, this is quite different yet unique. It is made from scratch brown sugar and is topped with buttercream and melted butterscotch chips. All this makes this cake extraordinarily scrumptious and tasty. This cake can be customised according to your needs. You can add the essence of chocolate to it by changing the toppings. This cake is not a very common choice among people for anniversaries. But you can definitely get this for your anniversary party to sound unconventional.

These were some classic yet lip-smacking cakes that will add class to your anniversary party and will make it the talk of the town. I hope you liked it and will certainly choose one of them for your anniversary party.

Here is a tip for you – don’t forget to get anniversary roses on your anniversary for your partner.

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