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Carlie Jo Howell Networth 2021

Carlie Jo Howell

Carlie Jo Howell Networth 2021 – Social Media Star and Entrepreneur

How many cafés or famous restaurant owners do you know? Am sure some don’t even have an idea of even a single person. Let us look at one famous lady Carlie Jo Howell. She has not only accumulated a large number of followers in social media but also has been much appreciated and recognized due to her idea to run a café named “Bikini Beans Expresso”.

The café is an epic sight in the world of tourism and hospitality. This is coined to like the fact that the waitresses serving in the café wear Bikini. The act may seem like an offensive business by some people but it is a place most people would long to visit as it is considered to improve customers’ mood while being served in the café and thus one of the greatest business ideas.

This business has seen her earn millions of dollars as a young entrepreneur. Do you want to know more about this epic woman? Then read this article to become informed.



She was born on 22nd July 1992 in the United States of America. She had some cancer signs at her birth. She is about twenty-nine years now and she has an approximate height of about five Feet. Not much is known of her private life since she is one of the most private people and doesn’t share her intimate life with the public.

This makes things like her siblings, and love life not to be known though as of now she is not yet married. Her first post on the Instagram account was in August 2017. Through following her Instagram account one can get to see the pictures of her siblings though their names are still a puzzle. She is famous in the country as seen on her massive social media platforms following. She is also considered to be a fan of DJ and reality star Paul DelVecchio as seen on her Instagram posts.


Carlie has managed to own a café named “Bikini Beans Expresso” which she also manages. The café is located in Washington DC. The cafe hits the headlines as an interesting one since the waitresses in this café serve the customers while wearing Bikini. This has, in turn, led to large and frequent numbers of customers visiting the café translating to high revenue in millions of dollars every year.

This proves how wonderful the business idea was and thus granting her as one of the most influential persons on the Instagram platform. A large number of followers from both the country and outside the country offer well-paying customers for her career.

Net worth

Carlie’s net worth as of the year 2020 had been approximated to be $46million. Most of her income is obtained from the café but the income earned from the social media platforms also adds weight to her net worth income.

By looking at her profile picture on the various social media platforms and the number of followers she has managed to attract as followers in recent years talks more about her success journey. The following also provide her business with well-paying customers both from within the country resulting in a hefty income that adds to her net worth.

Looking at her Instagram account you will be amazed by the fact that she has more than half a million followers as of today. This just shows that she is just becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs and with no doubt, her net worth is bound to rise soon enough. This is due to an increase in popularity of the café.

height of Carlie Jo Howell?
Carlie Jo Howell’s height is nearly 5.6 feet.

Carlie Jo Howell Age in this year?
Carlie Jo Howell will be 29 years old in 2021.

How many relationships did She have?
Not known.

Is She having any relationship affair?
Not known.

How old is Carlie? Does She Dead or Alive?
Carlie is 28 years old. She is alive.

Is Carlie Jo Howell Married?
No Carlie Jo Howell is not married.

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