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Code to Check If Your Phone is Hacked in 2021

Code to Check If Your Phone is Hacked

You can immediately check if your phone is compromised, or if you wish to know the code to check if your phone is hacked? To check your phone is hacked or not stay with us and read this informative article.

We cannot forget how smartphones have made our life easy. We can now contact friends and family from anywhere in the world in seconds.

However, even though it made our life easy, it can also give hackers access to all our personal details and photos.

Code to Check If Your Phone is Hacked

Code to Check If Your Phone is Hacked

You may be wondering how?

Hackers send you emails or texts where they say you will win cash or a prize by clicking on a link, and many people often do so.

That is why if you think maybe someone is listening to your calls or seeing your texts, then that can be the case.

In this article, we will tell you the signs to look out for if you think your phone has gotten hacked and the Code to Check If Your Phone is Hacked.

Signs of a hacked phone

There are six signs to look out for if you think your phone has gotten hacked.

  1. Decreased Battery Life

If you happen to notice that your battery runs out too quickly, then there can be a chance of your phone got hacked. However, before running to this conclusion, ensure that the decreased battery life is not because of a problem with the battery. At times your battery life can get decreased if it gets hit by malware or spyware, and it can get used to spy to send your information to criminal servers.

  1. New Pop-ups

If you happen to get pop-ups for no reason constantly, then a hacker is using these pop-ups to make money from your hacked phone.

  1. Slow Performance

If you see an increase in your phone apps crashing, working slower than normal or freezing too much, then this can get caused because of malware or spyware.

  1. High Data usage

If your phone gets hacked, then your data usage will be high and it’s an easy way to find the person behind it.

  1. Calls or texts that you didn’t make or send

At times the hacker may send texts or make calls from your number, so check the history can let you know whether you got hacked.

Code to Check If Your Phone is Hacked

Below are the codes to dial to see whether your phone got hacked or not.

To Check IMEI: *#06#

If you get the feeling that your number got hacked, then knowing what your IMEI number is important.

You will need the IMEI number to file a complaint or take legal action.

The IMEI number is a code that gets assigned to each phone hardware.

Dial the code *#06#, and the IMEI number will appear. If you have a dual sim mobile, then you will get two IMEI numbers.

Ensure you write those codes down and keep them somewhere safe.

Redirection Code: *#62*

If you get the feeling that your calls or texts are not going through, then it is possible that they are getting intercepted someplace else.

Many people don’t know that call redirects are more normal than one might think.

Dial *#62*.  This code will bring up a detailed list of numbers are getting your calls, text, and information as directed.

If you dial this code and you get nothing, then you’re lucky. However, if you get a number or list, then your calls and texts are getting redirected.

Diversion Code: *#21#

When it comes to the redirecting code, it will appear on your phone bill.

That is why they now use another way, which is the diversion way.

In this, the hacker will drop the call or divert it to another number, and you will not get the call or see it on your phone bill.

Dial the code *#21#, and if there has been a diversion, you will get a comprehensive list of all search history, diverted devices, and calls.

Utility NetMonitor Code: *#*#197328640#*#*

Utility NetMonitor is a data packet evaluator that grabs the network data.

It lets the user know a pinpoint of the location of a person trying to use your device location for their own goal.

Dial *#*#197328640#*#*.

You will see the main menu, from which click on UMTS cell environment. Then click UMTS RR information. You will see the ID number of the phone.

After getting the ID number, click back twice, and on the main menu, click on MM information and Serving PLMN and write the area code you see.

You can open the NetMonitor website, enter the ID number and local area code and see where the phone is connecting.

Ways to keep your phone safe from Hackers

There are a few things you can do to try your possible best to ensure your phone does not get hacked.

The most important thing is that try not to use too many various messaging apps and only use the one that has end-to-end encryption.

Other things you can do include:

  • Use multiple security locks
  • Use Two-factor authentication where you can
  • Do not click on random emails, texts, or links
  • Try not to use Public USB charging stations
  • Do not install unknown applications from anywhere
  • When not using WiFi or Bluetooth, switch them off.
  • Do not click on random apps
  • Keep a track of what permissions you have given to which app, especially your location.

You can also use antivirus apps or VPN services to ensure that your phone stays protected.

What to do if your Phone has gotten hacked?

If the Code to Check If Your Phone is Hacked gives you information and you see that there are things you do not recognize, then write the information down and call your network provider, as soon as possible.

Let them know all the information you have on your phone being hacked.

Final Thoughts

A hacker at times can do anything to get your private details and use them in various ways or even sell them. The code to check if your phone has gotten hacked will look at some ways that people do not even know that hackers use, like call forwarding.

We hope the above Code to Check If Your Phone is Hacked helps you.

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