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Contraception Options to Help You Enjoy Intimacy Without Worrying About Getting Pregnant

Having a child is a dream for many women. For you to welcome the child, you must have prepared yourself financially, emotionally, and psychologically. On the other hand, a pregnancy you have not planned for can give you sleepless nights. The first thought you may have could be to terminate the pregnancy. Instead of staying cautious with the fear of getting pregnant and failing to enjoy your intimate moments, contact your gynecologist for a birth control option.

Enjoy Intimacy Without Worrying About Getting Pregnant

The skilled experts at Suncoast Women’s Care offer a full range of Women’s Care services for their patients of all ages, from adolescence to menopause. The all-women team will take the worry from you with various permanent and reversible contraception options.

Enjoy Intimacy Without Getting Pregnant

Contraception Options to Help You Enjoy Intimacy Without Worrying About Getting Pregnant


Birth control is a personal choice you make to prevent getting an unwanted pregnancy. Birth control prevents pregnancy in various ways:

  • Barrier methods like condoms and diaphragms prevent your partner’s sperms from getting to your egg for fertilization.
  • Hormonal methods like pills, patches, and implants hinder ovulation, making you infertile temporarily.
  • IUDs prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to your uterus.
  • Spermicides destroy your partner’s sperm from reaching your egg.

In cases where you do not intend to have more children, your doctor could advise a permanent solution that is 100% effective and will not give you worries about getting pregnant.

Various birth control options have mild side effects like changes in menstrual flow and breast tenderness. However, when your signs interfere with your life quality, contact your doctor for immediate medical attention.

Intrauterine Devices

IUDs are among the most effective birth control forms. They are also very convenient, effective and take your doctor a few minutes to insert them into your uterus. Your doctor will request you to lie on an examination table during an IUD insertion and place your legs up on footrests. The healthcare provider will then gently push a speculum through your vagina to open it wide enough to see and work through. The specialist will then take a few minutes to professionally:

  •         Check your uterus’ position and size
  •         Clean your vagina and cervix
  •         Look for potential complications with your uterus
  •         Line up your uterus and cervix

 After preparing your uterus for the device, your doctor will then insert the IUD. IUDs are T-shaped devices with an arm-like extension on both sides. Before inserting it into your uterus, your doctor will fold the device’s arms and place it on an applicator tube. The specialist will then insert the tube via your cervix into your uterus before removing the applicator tube. Once inside your uterus, the IUD’s arms will release and enable the device to suspend inside your uterus with a string approximately two inches hanging into your vagina.

After the procedure, you are likely to feel mild cramping and spotting, which your doctor will prescribe medications to relieve you from pain. Your doctor will advise you not to insert anything including a tampon inside your vagina for the first 24 hours after insertion. You could resume your sexual activities afterward.

Nothing brings peace like knowing that you will not have to deal with an untimely pregnancy. Schedule an appointment with the professionals today and discuss the contraception form that would best suit your needs with your doctor.

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