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Five Android Apps That Lets You Download Videos For Free


Some people who cannot get a proper network connection for 24 hours face problems related to watching online videos. They cannot watch their favorite same videos again and again. To solve this issue app developers have come up with several versatile applications that enable you to download videos for free. No one depends on television and theatre to watch videos made for entertaining us. For example, the Vidmate App not only lets you stream the latest videos online but also saves them for offline use. Here are some of the best video downloader apps that you can install if you have an android phone:

  1. Videoder: If there is an app that can provide you the best features when it comes to downloading videos for free, Videoder is the one. If there is any shared video that you like, you can download instantly using this app. All you need to do is find your suitable video in the search bar and choose the one you are looking for. The most unique feature of this app is that it lets you resume the video you have paused. As a result, you can save a lot of time instead of facing interruptions in your Internet connection.
  2. Tubemate: This is the best app for downloading videos from YouTube as a third party app. You can use this android app to download your preferred video in the background while you are using your phone. The app lets you download more than just one video at a time that gets stored directly in your android SD card. It has an inbuilt media player that lets you pause your videos as and when required. There is also an additional browser within the app for accessing multiple sites.
  3. Mirmay Downloader: It is an app that was designed to perform multiple activities simultaneously. It provides a flexible interface that is easy to handle and share large video files. You need to follow some basic steps to download any video you want on your device. The feature that makes this app distinctive is its privacy. You can lock your videos and files with a suitable password to avoid other people from accessing them.
  4. Vidmate: This app is one of the best video downloading solutions that provide high-speed integrated features. You can search for innumerable videos based on any language and channels. All the latest updates and trending videos will automatically come up when you open the app. The Vidmate app lets you download and transfer videos of any format despite their size.
  5. Keepvid:This has almost the same features that include downloading high-quality videos from different sites. The user needs to paste the particular URL to get the desired files. You can also download files in mp4 format according to your requirements. For your comfort, you can even download videos with subtitles from this app.

Conclusion: You can select any of the apps mentioned above to experience the best video streaming features. With time, the task of downloading and accessing videos from the Internet will require zero effort from your side.

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