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Dev error 6068

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare “Dev Error 6068” Fix

Fix Dev Error 6068

Even though the most advanced developers and game designers collaborated to a name, it would still be almost impossible for players to never run into bugs or errors at least one time. Triple-A games provide the impression as though they could possibly be glitch-proof, but they also go through the very same struggles that indie games have to endure.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players can be used to server-related problems that occasionally pop-up during double XP weekends, but basic errors without proper explanations could be quite the scare. This kind of error usually prevents players from launch the sport, and also the solutions you’ll need to attempt will ask that you roam around the game’s files.

The dev error 6068 generally appears shortly after gamers click on”Perform” via Battle.net or after 10 minutes into the gameplay. It sends them back into their own desktop, and Modern Warfare stops responding and shuts itself down in the meantime. Though some users report the issue fixes itself after upgrading your GPU’s and PC’s drivers to the most up-to-date variants, the error can also linger on.

What causes Dev error 6068?

It may also result from outdated Windows, System Drivers, and non-optimal settings for your sport. All you have to do would be to check for the latest drivers for your GPU and you are all set.

How to fix the”Dev error 6068″ in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

If you’ve made certain that all your drivers are updated, then the cause of the error could possibly be lying inside the game’s files.

While the origin of this error is known, the majority of the fixes indicate it may be tied to a memory-related issue.

Change the VideoMemoryScale worth inside Game folders

The VideoMemoryScale option alters how much VRAM the game needs, and the only way to alter it is through the system documents.

Open the”players” folder, which will be located over at”Documents/Call of Duty Modern Warfare.”

You’ll need to search for a file named “adv_options.ini.” Run this file with the notepad application so you’ll have the ability to alter the values inside. Find the line that reads”VideoMemoryScale” and change it to 0.5 or even 0.55. The default option should be 0.85.
You’ll notice that Modern Warfare will begin having a good deal less VRAM than normal after implementing this change, and it will give your system breathing space.

Force conduct the game with DirectX 11

DirectX 12 is the latest and the very robust API for gaming, but the news may not always be better. Some systems can still encounter errors with DirectX 12 due to corrupt upgrade files or just inadequate hardware.

You may circumvent this problem by forcing Modern Warfare to operate on DirectX 11.

  • Open up the Battle.Net launcher.
  • Click on Options, which should be located towards the upper left of this launcher.
  • You’ll need to click “Game Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  • As soon as you get into”Game Settings” find Modern Warfare and place a checkmark on”Additional command-line arguments”
  • A text box will appear just beneath it. Sort”-d3d11″ in there without the quotation marks.

When you have been getting the error right after launching the sport, then this fix should at least get you to the main menu.

Reduce your graphic settings and turn away anything running in the background
Though Activision hasn’t commented about the problem, many community reports suggest that the mistake dissipates when systems are under significant load. The two chief elements that push systems to their constraints are the in-game and anything resource-hungry running in the background.

Head over to the graphical settings partition of Modern Warfare’s”Options” port and decrease your settings to lower volumes. We recommend turning them to the smallest settings to find out if your graphic settings are causing the problem. One of the most important settings here will be ray tracing, and we strongly recommend turning it off even in case you’ve got a compatible graphics card. The present version of beam tracing requires so many resources and might stress your system.

Do not forget to turn off anything CPU or GPU heavy program that might be operating in the background, even if it’s just a browser tab as well.

Should you keep receiving the error with the lowest settings, then you will want to try other solutions.

Alter your graphics card into high-performance mode

Pictures cards are made to supply the very best visual experience possible. It’s quite difficult to notice the finer details at the heat of the moment during aggressive games like Modern Warfare, however, and forcing your own card to concentrate on delivering the best performance instead of quality may help you tackle this error.

The process will be different for NVIDIA and AMD cards. Ensure to have the most recent drivers installed for your GPU to make sure to eliminate the chance of a driver bug that might be causing you to get the dev error 6068.


  • Open AMD Radeon Settings or control center
  • Select Preferences, then the Radeon Additional Settings
  • Expand the Power section and click on Switchable Graphics Global Settings
  • Select High Performance for the Graphic Setting and click on Apply


  • Open up the NVIDIA control panel
  • Head over to”Adjust picture settings with trailer”
  • Click on”Use my preference emphasizing” and move the slider to the left for the best performance.

Make sure that you don’t possess some corrupted in-game documents

When you have gone through all of the steps above and still receive the error, there might be corrupt files inside Modern Warfare’s documents. Corrupted files usually happen over time with updates, and in rare instances, they may cause mistakes similar to 6068.

There are two ways of making sure you don’t have some corrupt game files, and the very first one is reinstalling the game. We advocate deleting all of the game files that remain on your system after the normal uninstallation procedure.

  • If you want to avoid reinstalling owing to the gigantic size, then initiating a fix will be your very best option.
  • Open the Battle.net launcher and click on Modern Warfare from the left panel
  • You will need to click on Options that will be located just near the “Redeem a Code” button Click “Scan and Fix” in the dropdown menu, and also the Battle.net customer should guide you through the remainder

This procedure will go through every game file that belongs to Modern Warfare and replace them with a fresh one if it detects they’re corrupted.

Upgrade your RAM

The number of consumers who claim they have fixed the issue by updating their RAM might be the minority, but if you are still experiencing the problem, it may be worth a try. The only common thing that the users had was that many of them were utilizing RAM setups with frequencies below 3000 MHz.

If that is the case for you, we recommend upgrading your RAM with sticks that have at least 3200 MHz for frequency values. Trying out a buddy’s RAM sticks can be a smart option whilst taking this path since there’s no guarantee that a RAM upgrade will be the remedy for you. It is going to always be a decent investment to upgrade your RAM since the games will keep using more of it as the years pass by, nevertheless.

Contact Activision Support

In the event that you still can’t play Modern Warfare due to dev error 6068, then it may be time for you to bring in the bigger guns. List and stroll through all the fixes you have tried to fix this issue at a support ticket.

The devs working on your case should be in a position to get to the bottom of the matter and think of an ultimate fix that will probably work for you. You might be required to share your logs of when you have the error as well and don’t forget to split the solution method the support team advised you online. This will help the community members that are also trying hard to get back on Modern Warfare tremendously due to error 6068.


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