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10 Free Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

Watch Cartoons Online

Who does not like watch cartoons online? If you’re one of them to Watch Cartoons Online then this guide will help you to get you some interesting and free sites to watch cartoon online for free.

You do not have to be a child to watch cartoons. No matter what age a person is, they have a child living in them.

People often watch cartoons online to get rid of stress and relax for a few minutes or so.

Cartoons play a huge role in our lives.

However, we do understand how hard it is to watch cartoons online and not spend a lot of time looking for the perfect free website to watch cartoons online.

If you wish to look for a website that is safe for your kids to use to watch cartoons online, then we have it covered.

To make it easier for you, we have created this list of the top 10 free websites to watch cartoons online.

Continue reading to see which site you can use and watch cartoons online.

1. CartoonsOn

A free website to watch cartoons online is CartoonsON.

This site allows you to watch all your favorite cartoons online in HD quality.

There is a comprehensive library with many cartoons for you to choose from.

The website has a friendly interface, and one can also access it using their smartphone.

Furthermore, you can find the latest cartoon shows.

CartoonsOn has a clear and simple way to navigate it and you can find the cartoon using their character name, show name, series, and studio.

2. Cartoon Movies HQ

A website that often gets referred to as Cartoon Network is Cartoon Movies HQ.

You can use the website to watch a cartoon or use it for kids to keep them busy and happy.

On Cartoon Movie HQ, you can watch movies, play games, check new apps, and watch videos.

There is even a part for quizzes, which is mostly for kids, but anyone can play, why not.

If you want a website to watch cartoons online, and navigate easily around it, then Cartoon Movies HQ is the website for you.

3. ToonJet

An amazing website to watch cartoons online for free is ToonJet.

ToonJet is a great site as it has the entire classic cartoon collection.

It also allows you to make your own profile so you can comment on your favorite cartoons, rate them and add them to your library.

You can also make friends who like to watch similar cartoons to you and private message anyone you want.

ToonJet is there for you to watch cartoons online and interact with others also.

4. WatchCartoonOnline

A website where you can watch movies, cartoons, and anime is WatchCartoonOnline.

Therefore, if you want a website on which you can watch anime movies for free, is this site.

This website has a whole anime category, including anime that is subbed, dubbed, movies, and Ova series.

It might seem that the website is about animes only, but that is not the case; it also features many cartoons for you to watch.

You can watch cartoons online for free on this site, and no need to signing up needed.

5. KissCartoon

KissCartoon is a website that has gotten designed beautifully and hosts various cartoons.

We have added this site to our list because of its amazing user interface and how easy it is to find the cartoon you want to watch on it.

However, users find the ad policies of this site annoying.

Other than that, the website has high-quality cartoons and high-speed playback of cartoons.

You do not have to signup unless you want to.

6. Cartoonito

An all-in-one entertainment solution for anyone is Cartoonito.

Cartoonito has a whole choice of various cartoons as well as Cartoonita club takes, where children teach others how to make a joke or so on.

Furthermore, there are different learning materials and songs if you wish to use them for your children also.

If you want to use a website where children can learn while watching cartoons and getting the entertainment they need, then Cartoonito is the site for you.

7. Nick Toons

A cartoon website that has more than 5 million visitors in a month is Nick Toons. It is the most popular website to watch cartoons online.

This website is much similar to Cartoon Movies HQ, as you can watch cartoons, play games, and watch various videos and shows.

The biggest feature of this website is how you can wins stuff on Nick Toons.

You might be happy to know that this website is run by Nickolodeon.

8. Super Cartoons

A website to watch full cartoon movies online for free is Super Cartoons.

This site is more minimal than the ones that we have listed.

Super Cartoons is much simpler and does not have too much going on on its homepage.

You can find cartoons by characters, series, and studios.

There is a huge catalog of cartoons on its database but there is no search bar, making it hard to find the cartoon show you want to watch.

9. Disney Junior

Who does not know about Disney and its shows?

You can watch all the Disney cartoons like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and many more for free on Disney Junior.

All the shows are free to watch and it has all the Disney cartoons you can think of.

However, in some countries, the site is blocked, but you can use VPN to watch a Disney cartoon.

So, whether you love to watch Disney or your child, this site is made for you.

10. FOX

A fantastic entertainment website, which allows you to watch cartoons online and in HD, is Fox.

Cartoon fans will love this website as it is easy to navigate and has all the latest cartoons.

You can find many popular cartoon TV series like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and many more.

It is free for the first hour, then you will have to contact your TV provider.

Fox has limited cartoons, but the ones they do have are the ones worth watching.


Cartoons are everyone’s favorite thing to watch. No matter where you’re from or what age you are, watching cartoon brings the joy everyone needs.

The list of the top 10 free websites to watch cartoons online make it easy to find a website that works best for you.

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