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Games Like RuneScape

12 Games Like RuneScape

If you’re a hardcore gamer then you know about Games Like RuneScape For Android And PC. If you do you wish to try more games like RuneScape on PC or your android device?

Many have played and loved RuneScape for a long time now.

It got released in 2001.

Games Like RuneScape

Games Like RuneScape For Android And PC

This Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) got set in Gielinor, an amazing fantasy world.

Players who play this game get a chance to travel through a medieval environment, traveling from one kingdom to another and improving their skills and their ranking in the world.

There are many explorative options provided with RuneScape. Gamers can decide if they want to travel to different cities and uncover new creatures or spend their time mining raw materials.

As people look for different ways to socialize every day, MMORPGs are becoming a more popular and viable approach to spend time with different gamers and meet new people in a safe and distanced way during the pandemic.

However, if you wish to play a game like RuneScape and try something new out, then we have you covered.

Here we’ve compiled a list of games like RuneScape:

  1. Neverwinter
  2. World of Warcraft
  3. Albion Online
  4. EverQuest
  5. Rift
  6. Eldevin
  7. Wakfu
  8. ArcheAge
  9. Ultima Online
  10. Black Desert Online

Games Like RuneScape

Carry on reading to see the top 12 games like RuneScape.


A game based on a city from Dungeons and Dragons is Neverwinter.

In Neverwinter, players make a character from the Dungeons and Dragons groups and join various teams to save the city from the undead group of monsters.

This game got released by Cryptic Studios game in 2013 for PCs. However, since then, it has gotten released for Playstation and Xbox in 2016 and 2015.

This game is an MMORPG game with a narrative structure design. It keeps the players interested and invested in both the story and the fantastical world.

The recent version released in 2019 August, called Uprising, gives the gamers the acknowledgment that the developers are looking for methods to increase the gamer’s experience.

World of Warcraft

A game like RuneScape that has gamers playing joining their games regularly is Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

In the MMORPG world, this name is one of the most famous and biggest names.

The game got released in 2004.

The best thing about World of Warcraft is how developers continuously update and expand the game with fresh game packs to keep the old ones coming and the new ones excited to try it.

Players create their own character from an assortment of races and species. You then give the character special skills and roles as they go on.

Anyone looking for a hearty online community is World of Warcraft.

Albion Online

Alboin Online is an MMORPG set in a medieval time in the world of Albion, created by Sandbox Interactive.

The game centers around the player’s experience.

It has an action-packed environment.

Alboin Online highlights an online economy that has gotten packed with various items created and exchanged by players trying to get famous and live the chaos.

The game depends on the player’s in-game items that determine the player’s skills and play styles.

It makes the games more interesting than other similar games.


A game like RuneScape that took charge over the internet at the beginning of 2000 was EverQuest.

EverQuest was the very first MMORPGs that used a game engine that was 3D, which gave the design of the levels and characters more depth than other games at that time.

In this game, players make their avatar and begin an adventure that is action-filled in the world of Norrath.

Your avatar will learn trades and uncover treasures on the type of guild they join and the journey they take.

In 2013, the game went offline for a couple of years.

However, it came back, but under Daybreak Game Company.


Rift is a game set in the world of Telara, in Trion Worlds’ Rift,  where there is a factional battle going on between religious guardians and scientific Defiant.

The game got released in 2011.

The payers create their own character and choose whether they want to be a Rogue or Warrior class in the game.

They move the political issues in the realm and fight with unstable Rifts that let go of monsters on Telara.

It is available for PC.

The expansion released in 2018 added more of a story for the gamers with dungeons and monster-slaying.


Eldevin is a game where you have to save the Eldevin Kingdom from the attacks of the Infernal Empire. Only your character can help the kingdom.

Players can decide to explore and fight alone or join groups.

They then engage in combat that is real-life, together.

The title Eldevin is deep and pleasant.

Hunted Cow Studios, released in 2014.

It still has a community that is committed to it.

Players can explore various environments and 14 different mastery to champion.

Anyone looking for a compelling story and many amazing features is Eldevin.


After the game, Dofus that Ankama Games created got so much success, they came out with Dofus.

The game got released in 2012. The game got set 1000- years after Dofus.

However, the game style is the same.

The play enters a world where they have to save it.

However, similar to the original one, players can interact with other gamers and engage in an online economy.


A game that got released in Korea in 2013 is ArcheAge.

After it got released, the game got translated into English and sent all around the world.

ArcheAge is a perfect blend of sandbox atmosphere and a narrative that gets guided.

The player has a huge amount of control in the game. They can make trade roads and even manage games inside the judicial courts where you can hold others liable for their action.

You can switch to different viewing styles and gives the players a bit more sensory control.

Ultima Online

Origin Systems released the game Ultima Online in 1977.

Since then, it has developed and changes various developers.

Players create their character and start into the universe.

They join societies and interact with different characters relying on the Gem they wish to play on.

Players explore various worlds and different environments.

Ultima Online gives the players a feeling of being in full control of their experience.

Black Desert Online

When it comes to amazing MMORPGs, relatability is something that gamers don’t want.

However, the Black Desert got created by Pearl Abyss.

It got set in a world where the world is recovering from a deadly plague.

To give the game an even more eerily perceptive, two conflicting groups, the Kingdom of Valencia and Republic of Calpheon, get into a battle for who gets control.

Instead of having raids, the players play missions that are siege-like, set in a warm setting.

It gives an amazing feel to the player.

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40 More Games Like RuneScape :

  1. Legends of Aria
  2. Ultima Online
  3. The Elder Scrolls Online
  4. Valheim
  5. Neverwinter
  6. Albion Online
  7. Black Desert Online
  8. Diablo 3
  9. Path of Exile
  10. Project: Gorgon
  11. Wakfu
  12. World of Warcraft Classic
  13. EverQuest
  14. World of Warcraft
  15. Rift
  16. Eldevin
  17. Dofus
  18. ArcheAge
  19. Stendhal
  20. Drakensang Online
  21. Last Chaos
  22. AdventureQuest Worlds
  23. Villagers and Heroes
  24. Runes of Magic
  25. Sherwood Dungeon
  26. Dungeons and Dragons Online
  27. The Lord of the Rings Online
  28. Cabal Online
  29. Salem
  30. Knight Online
  31. Royal Quest
  32. Dream of Mirror Online
  33. Pocket Legends
  34. Tibia
  35. EverQuest II
  36. Silkroad Online
  37. DarkEden
  38. Mortal Online
  39. Wartune
  40. Planeshift

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for games like RuneScape, then we hope that our list of top 10 games like RuneScape help you find the best game you can play.

Playing one game continuously can get boring that is why sometimes a change is good. Let us know which game you tried and liked.

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