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How Does Unhealthy Lifestyle Affect Your Body?

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the way of living people, including their behaviors, opinions, activities, choices, diet, etc. A balanced diet, regular exercise, proper sleep positive thinking groom the overall personality and represents a healthy and positive lifestyle.

An unhealthy lifestyle is the engagement of a person in activities that negatively impacts one’s health and personality. One’s appearances relate to their health, some people like to do elegant dressing but, due to their unhealthy personality, their d shaped body structure won’t let them wear their favorite dresses¬† An unhealthy lifestyle can be of many forms:

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Smoking
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Stress
  • Alcohol Consumption

These factors do not only affect physical health but disturb mental health as well. An unhealthy lifestyle and health problems go hand in hand. This article covers some unhealthy lifestyle choices and their influence on the body.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy Lifestyle


You look what you eat; if you eat healthy food, you feel healthy and happy. Food is the fuel used by our body to function. An unhealthy diet and bad eating habits reduce the ability of the body to live an enjoyable and active life. It can increase many diseases; hypertension, high cholesterol level, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, disability, and even death.

If you are taking more calories than you burn daily, it will make you obese, leading to cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. Moreover, the type of food also determines the overall health. Eating junk food excessively; leads to atherosclerosis and causes the heart to pumper harder for passing the blood through the narrow arteries. It will lead to hypertension and even heart failure.

On the other hand, depriving yourself of nutrition that the body needs is another form of an unhealthy lifestyle. If your body doesn’t get enough nutrients, it will fail to perform its functions causes gastrointestinal abnormalities.

Having a well-balanced diet is key to a healthy lifestyle. Your diet must contain carbs, proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in a balanced proportion.


Smoking may kick you for a while,  but its side effects on human health are disastrous. Tobacco is the slow poison and a silent killer of life. Smoking badly affects almost every organ of the body. Lungs are the main target of smoke. People who smoke are at a greater risk of developing respiratory diseases.

Nicotine present in smoke narrows blood vessels and raises blood pressure. Raised blood pressure is an alarming sign of stroke, heart attack, and clotting.

Smoking is the root cause of skin cancer as it increases the production of squamous cell carcinoma. Cigarette contains 600 chemicals out of which 70 carcinogenic. It damages your gut health, and if your gut isn’t healthy, you can be prey to many diseases.


Sleep deprivation may not seem a big deal, but its long-term effects are real. It weakens your memory and puts your physical health at risk.

Its prior effects are on your mood and memory. You will always feel tired, grumpy, and irritated. It damages mental abilities and neurons, leading to mania, depression, mood swings, and suicidal thoughts.

During sleep, our brain produces antibodies that combat invaders-protecting us from diseases. Improper sleep weakens the immune system; the body is unable to fight against foreign microbes.

Diabetes and heart diseases are long-term side effects of sleep deprivation.


Physical inactivity is the root cause of many health problems. Our body isn’t programmed for a sedentary lifestyle. Research shows that only 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.A performs the physical activity. This dangerous inactivity level is increasing day by day.

Taking too many calories and not doing physical activity to burn them causes obesity, joint pain, heart diseases, and diabetes.

Inactive people are more prone to depression. Brain health closely links with physical exercise. When you work out, many cells in your brain get activated, making the brain resistant to anxiety and depression.

Physical activity controls blood glucose levels and; bad cholesterol levels-thus reduce the risk of many health problems.


People who drink alcohol are prone to many diseases as it weakens the immune system. Long-term use of alcohol badly affects the immune system and unable to prevent even cold and flu. People who drink it regularly are more susceptible to pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Heavy drinking can cause arrhythmias(irregular heartbeat), a rise in blood pressure, and stroke.

Abusing alcohol leads to liver damage as it causes bacteria to grow in the gut that migrates to the liver.

Even the pancreas is unable to function-causes pancreatitis(swelling of the blood vessels in the pancreas)

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