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Download Twitched Videos

How To Download Twitched Videos

Best Methods to Download Twitched Videos

Twitch refers to the leading game streaming platform in which most people always desire to be one of its stars. Since everybody wants to make a living by doing what they like some people are quitting work to build upon following in twitch which will help them earn. It is not easy to download your favorite gameplay from twitch especially if you have no idea how it is done.

Download Twitched Videos

Download Twitched Videos

This guide will help you know the best methods on downloading and storing videos from twitch as follows;

  • Twitch Leecher
  • 4K Video Downloader
  • Clipr Twitch Video Downloader
  • Use Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader
  • Use Untwitch
  • Using the built-in Twitch video downloader
  • Cisdem Video Converter for Mac
  • Twitch VOD Downloader for Windows
  • Saveting Twitch Video Downloader
  • Fetchfile Twitch Video Downloader

Basic Twitch Account

One can download the video within 14days of your broadcast while if you are a Twitch affiliate or a twitch partner this time will vary as much as 60days from the day of broadcast. Before doing this ensure that your videos are automatically saved to your profile, that is, you have to go to Twitch>Settings>Channel and Video and slide the store past broadcasts toggle to the on position.

This will make the videos be automatically saved to your account after every broadcast is finished. The videos can easily be accessed by pressing the video producer icon once on the video producer page then click the 3dots on your right hand and select download to get the video into your computer.

Keep Vid

A third-party potential option tool that downloads twitch videos for free. One is required to have a copy of the URL of that video you want to download and then paste it into the bar at the top of the page. After doing this the Keep Vid tool will convert the video to a downloadable format.

The conversion time will depend on the size and length of the twitch video being converted after which a small preview on download the video will appear. More customization may be done to the video by scrolling down to select the audio and video format one needs.

Twitch Leecher

A third-party app from Github. Has a powerful search tool that is built in such that when looking for a specific video and you do not know the channel name, you will have luck searching it on the twitch website. In this tool you can search through 3 different ways; channel name, video URL, or video ID. Each of the searches can be filtered further such as a broadcast, a highlight, or a specific time frame. When using URL and video ID one can find multiple videos for download.


This is a Mac option version of the Twitch Leecher which serves a similar function. However, the tool requires more knowledge to use. This should not worry you since the Github page provides a guide with an explanation on how to use it. This makes it one of the best options for Mac users that don’t want to use an online download tool like Keep Vid.

4K Video Downloader

The tool works both for Windows and Mac users. One can stream content in 4K. These are some of the best quality of your favorite streamer’s videos. The tool also can pull videos in various resolutions and not just 4K.To use this tool one needs to download and install the application, launch it and then copy and paste the URL of the Twitch video you want to download on the upper right corner.

This opens a menu where one can choose the video quality and then download the file. There are both free and paid versions of the 4K downloader upon which on a basic and unpaid plan one can download a maximum of thirty Twitch videos a day.

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