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A Guide: How to Easily Convert Excel Files to PDF

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Many things like finance involve numbers, important ones at that. A single spreadsheet may contain thousands of numbers that are essentially somewhat difficult to understand. As important as these numbers are, we can’t deny that not everyone is sensitive to numbers. Numbers would just be numbers if people can’t understand it, right?

To make them more presentable and organized, converting your Excel files (XLS) to PDFs may be necessary. Doing so would also help preserve your work’s integrity, which is one essential factor to consider when dealing with numerical data. A small change might make big problems. To prevent that, we compiled a guide to converting XLS to PDF for you!

What are Excel files?

Before we get to know how you can convert Excel files to PDF, let’s learn about what Excel files are. These files are opened by electronic spreadsheets typically used to deal with financial data. It is a helpful tool for computing large amounts of data using formulas. You can also create tables, graphs, charts, and anything that may help present data better. It is a standard necessity if you want to dabble in the business context.

Why convert Excel to PDF?

Have you ever heard of XLS to PDF conversion? Surprisingly, many people convert their spreadsheet files to PDFs. The question is, why do they do that? Is it simply because it looks more pleasing to the eye? Or are there other benefits in doing that? Let’s find out why.

PDFs are compatible with every computer

Portable document format files, simply PDFs, are compatible and accessible with almost every computer. Your web browsers can view your PDFs as they are the default utility readers of computers most of the time. Let’s apply this reason to XLS to PDF conversion. What if the supposed recipient of the spreadsheet files doesn’t know how to use a spreadsheet software application?

The best solution to ensure that the other person you shared the file with can view your file properly is to convert it to PDF. Another factor to consider is whether they have spreadsheet software installed on their computer. With these in mind, turning your Excel files into PDF before sending them to someone else is an excellent solution, right?

PDFs preserve your files’ integrity

Remember that Excel files need to retain their integrity since it involves numbers that one may use in finance or other fields. Minor changes can lead to significant problems. We can prevent that by rendering the file in portable document format. This way, your recipient can rest assured that they can trust the contents.

Convert Excel to PDF using GogoPDF

To do the conversion, you might need to find some tools to help you. Fortunately, the web is vast, and many services offer to do the job for you. A simple search online would help you find many converters. In choosing a suitable one, remember that you have to consider the safety and efficiency of the website.

GogoPDF belongs to the top file converters online. With only a few clicks, this tool can finish the task quickly while staying secure. To use this converter, simply follow the steps indicated below.

  1. Go to GogoPDF.
  2. Upload your file to the website.
  3. GogoPDF will automatically turn your Excel file into PDF.
  4. After that, save your freshly converted PDF file!

Converting with Microsoft Excel

If you have Microsoft Office apps, including MS Excel, installed on your computer, then you’re a lucky one! You can render a PDF version of your file directly after making the Excel file. This method doesn’t need the use of third-party apps, but it can achieve the same goal. Do take note that having these apps requires a paid subscription. Here are a few steps that you must follow to change your XLS to PDF successfully.

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel and open the file.
  2. Go to the File tab, and choose Export.
  3. Click Create PDF/XPS.
  4. Set the file name and location, then click Publish.

If you have the older versions of Microsoft Excel, you may do these steps as an alternative.

  1. Open the file in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Go to the File tab, and click Save a copy.
  3. Set the name and location of the file.
  4. Click the Save as type dropdown list, and choose PDF.
  5. Click Save.

Final say

Excel has shown its importance in the world of finance and other fields. XLS files contain numbers that may be crucial for further success. When sharing these files with others, you have to consider whether they have spreadsheet software and know-how to use one. Keep in mind as well that you need to preserve the credibility and integrity of your files.

As a preventive measure, converting Excel to PDF is an excellent choice to avoid bad outcomes. This way, your recipient can access the file on any device while knowing that they can trust its contents. Try following this guide on converting Excel files to PDF today!

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