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Why Science Can’t Help You Improve Your Life

It’s Time to Improve Your Life – Life is Beautiful

We live in a world that has come to rely on science for its validation. If someone tells you that a strategy is scientifically proven you are more likely to go for it, no matter how unreasonable it may appear. Yet the assumption that science has the answers to all our problems is fundamentally flawed.

Science panders to the linear mind

The insecure human mind derives much security from the idea that it can prove everything. Scientific analysis works on the assumption if something can’t be proven to exist it does not exist.

Small wonder that the physicist Brian Cox recently concluded that CERN, the particle machine that claims to detect the tiniest particles in existence, proved that ghosts don’t exist.

To my mind the physicist displayed an extraordinary lack of affinity and understanding of universal forces

Scientists love to think that they know the answer to every problem and hate the idea that there are things out there we cannot explain, at least not in scientific terms.

Let’s look at a few facts:

  • We know that the universe does not unfold in a linear fashion
  • We know that the universe reflects back to us what we think
  • We know that the universe creates an image in three D for us so that we can see how we think
  • We know that the creation of every event in our life is created in the subtle energy realm, not in the material world

I cannot scientifically prove any of the above statements to you

Alas, I do know that this is how the world really works. How do I know this? I know this with total certainty because I have experienced how the world really works through the medium of meditation and other mindfulness practices.

Since I have personally experienced how subtle energy works at what is called “the point of creation” I know that the world we live in is no more than the effect of much inner work that has gone on before we see the results in material form.

Science only measures the effect, not the cause of anything

Science compartmentalizes life. It has set up a very useful structure of repeatable experiments upon it makes its assumptions about reality.

The big flaw with all scientific research is that it completely ignores the existence of the subtle energy realm as a real creative force.

The famous Heisenberg’s experiments prove that there is randomness in the universe, yet scientific research is not based on randomness, rather it is based on repeatable, physical evidence only.

Traditional science by its very nature separates, yet the universe works like an interconnected web. If you pull one end of the wet, the entire web structure shifts.

Oneness is the underlying structure of the cosmos

Yet science cannot create “holistic” research because of the way in which it segregates and compartmentalizes everything in an attempt to make sense of anything that the mind cannot see or understand.

If you believe that science can assist you lead a happier and more fulfilled life you are greatly mistaken

I would go as far as to say that you are missing out on the most important part that fuels life. Esoteric knowledge of the invisible forces of creation is the key to leading a happy life that works with ease, grace and harmony.

While we live in the illusion that science is our savoir we are throwing away the most beautiful, divine essence of creation.

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