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Here are Some Interesting Facts You Should Know About Samsung Mobile Phones


The undisputed king of the mobile world, Samsung has attained the top position by building a huge tech empire. Today, the brand has its tentacles in almost every country, thrashing the competition with its wide range of smartphone models. The brand has built its image with sheer blood, sweat, and tears, without compromising on quality and innovating every step of the way.

A report by Business Standard reported that the company is the #1 smartphone manufacturer in the world, with 22% of the market share. After a slow start to 2020, in August, the company beat Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei to take the number one spot. Samsung’s journey to the top-spot is indeed an interesting one. This article looks at some interesting facts about the Korean smartphone manufacturer.

#1 Adopting Clever Marketing Strategies

Samsung takes tentative care when ideating marketing strategies. This is evident by the number of promotional activities that the brand has managed to churn over the last year. Whether it’s taking on Apple ads with the latest Samsung Note 10 Lite ads or destroying Chinese smartphones on social media, the sustained effort to be seen and heard has resulted in Samsung becoming a world-renowned player in the smartphone arena.

Samsung also uses clever marketing strategies like involving social media influencers whenever they need to showcase their new line-up of phones. Samsung mobile phones are quick to feature on tech YouTube channels and blogs. This clever marketing strategy has convinced many potential buyers to pay a little extra for a recommended quality smartphone.

#2 Samsung Galaxy “M”

The Samsung Galaxy M series smartphone line-up is an online exclusive budget offering from the manufacturer. The brand is generally associated with high price-tags, especially when you consider the flagship offerings at the top (models priced at 1,00,000 INR). The M models completely blow these notions out of the water by reviving and solidifying their place in the mid-range segment.

This smartphone line-up is powered by the Exynos 9611 SoC processor and is offered with a range of RAM sizes beginning at 4GB, all the way up to 8GB RAM. This makes it a great device for everyday applications, demanding games, and anything else that you can throw at it.

A little known fact about the Samsung Galaxy M phones is the Super AMOLED display. Samsung is known for offering high-quality displays, and the M doesn’t disappoint in this area. Lastly, a fact privy only to gamers is the battery sizes on M series phones. The top of the line Samsung Galaxy M31 gets a whopping 6,000mAh battery pack, which is unheard of. Another phone that offers this battery size is the ROG Phone 3, which is a gaming ready phone. When you consider this, you realize just how remarkable the M series truly is.

#3 Samsung Smart Service

This is perhaps the most interesting fact about the brand that not many know about. Although the brand is known for the level of quality for after-sales support, most individuals are oblivious of the “Samsung Smart Service”. Samsung has made it a point to provide optimum customer support through its neighbourhood Smart Service centres. With the most number of service centres in India, the brand strives to provide support within a five-kilometre radius, thereby bringing a greater degree of convenience to its customers.

Another little known fact about the after-sales support is how well it is managed online. Customers have the option to book appointments online and arrive at the service centre at the specified time of the appointment. This takes away the hassles of spending hours waiting in line.

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