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KissCartoon Alternatives

Top 11 KissCartoon Alternatives Websites 2021

KissCartoon Alternatives 2021: Do you or do your children love watching cartoons or Anime on KissCartoon and looking for KissCartoon Alternatives sites?

KissCartoon Alternatives Websites

Watching cartoons is the best way to kill time and escape from a dull and depressing life.

No matter what your age is or where you’re from, cartoons get loved by all.

In this age and time, technology has made it easy for us to watch cartoons for free.

Many know about the site KissCartoon and how people use that site to watch various cartoons or anime.

However, the KissCartoon site got shut down in 2017 because of copyright issues.

There are KissCartoon alternatives sites that users can use to watch cartoons.

Below we have provided Top KissCartoon Alternatives sites.

KissCartoon Alternatives

KissCartoon Alternatives


Such sites are not exactly legal. Therefore, use at your own risk.

We are only providing information.

Top KissCartoon Alternative sites

In this guide, we’re going to discuss the top KissCartoon Alternatives websites to enjoy watching free cartoons online:

  • CartoonExtra
  • Nyaa
  • AnimeToon
  • Toonova
  • WatchCartoonsOnline
  • KimCartoon
  • Kissanime
  • AniWatch
  • CrunchyRoll
  • B98.TV
  • ToonGet


An extra fun KissCartoon alternatives site is CartoonExtra.

Anyone looking for a streaming site that has a glossy appearance and all possible popular cartoons you can watch online.

On CartoonExtra, you can watch cartoons as well as comics.

It has a huge collection of all the popular cartoons like Dora the Explorer, Regular Show, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, and many more.

Therefore, anyone looking for an upgraded site with many options is CartoonExtra.


Anyone who loves watching Japanese Anime, movies, or TV shows, will love the site Nyaa.

Nyaa is a BitTorrent public tracker that users can use to download any Japanese software, video, movies, TV shows, music, and anime.

It is great for people who have the patience and don’t want to deal with watching anime or any such thing that keeps buffering.

You find the anime you want to watch, download it, and start watching.

This site gets loved by many users who love the Japanese culture.


A KissCartoon alternatives site for users who wish to watch anime online is AnimeToon.

AnimeToon has all the anime a person may want to watch.

Furthermore, this site releases the new episode of any anime as soon as it gets shown on TV, which means you will not have to wait for a long time to see the new episode.

Moreover, this site also has an app available for Android users, making it easy for you to watch anime from anywhere at any time.


A KissCartoon alternatives that has many features users love is Toonova.

Toonova features many cartoons for users to choose from.

Furthermore, it releases cartoons as soon as their new episodes get released, so fans don’t have to wait for a long time.

A cartoon not being available is not something that happens on this site.

You might be wondering why?

It is because it hosts various mirrors for most of the available episodes.

Toonova is the best site for anyone who wants to watch cartoons without worrying about their availability.


A site where users can watch cartoons for free and has an easy interface is WatchCartoonsOnline.

The most simple and easy layout can get found on this site.

Cartoon fans love how easy it is to find new and interesting cartoons on this site without a problem.

This site has more than 300 pages with cartoons that you can browse through one by one, or you can search on the search on the search bar it provides.

Anyone looking for a KissCartoon alternatives with an easy layout would love WatchCartoonsOnline.


A site that is worth the mention o this article is KimCartoon.

KimCartoon is a refined streaming site to watch cartoons.

This site has a unique design and has a huge cartoon library. It also has a simple and easy interface.

Moreover, this site contains many classics like Tom and Jerry cartoons and Scooby-Doo.

Anyone looking for a site that has all the cartoons a person can imagine, then KimCartoon is the site.


KissAnime is a streaming site for anime lovers.

This site has got designed in a way that users can use it without putting in too much effort and they have ensured that it had a friendly interface.

This site has all the rich content, when it comes to anime, from popular Naruto series and many other anime for you to watch.

Moreover, you get subbed and dubbed content for free, and it provides you with the option of downloading it if that is what you would have wanted.

It has a built-in video player. Anime lovers will love this site.


A popular KissCartoon alternatives is AniWatch.

This site offers cartoons and anime for users, so whatever your preference might be, they will have it.

AirWatch is the best source of entertainment for children and adults.

It has the latest cartoons and anime, recommendations, random series for you to watch without having to decide what to watch.

Moreover, they have kept the interface as simple as they could so that even children can use it without a problem.

Lastly, many love this site, as it does not have pop-up ads.


A site that is a one-stop source of all manga, Japanese comic, and anime fans is Crunchyroll.

This site has a huge range of anime for people to choose from, and it’s all free.

Furthermore, this site has a section specially made for manga fans, where they have various Japanese comics.

Crunchyroll has high-quality cartoons and anime, and the site gets updated on a regular basis.

Moreover, it has a simple interface and a built-in video player. Therefore, no matter whether you want to watch cartoons anime, or manga, this site has all.


If you are a fan of the 90s cartoon shows and series, then you will love B98.

This site offers all the classic cartoons that 90s children loved, like Robin Hood, Batman, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, and many more.

However, this site has one setback, which is the fact that it only has the classic collection, nothing new.

Therefore, if you love the classics or want your children to watch the cartoons you watched, then B98, is the site to go to.


ToonGet is a cartoon site with various content available for free.

This site as every cartoon or anime you can think of, different from Lego Star Wars episodes, to Loony Toons and much much more.

Moreover, this site has a section dedicated to people who wish to watch dubbed anime.

ToonGet has high-quality videos and updates its database on a regular basis to give its users all the new updated cartoons and anime. As it’s a free site, you will have to put up with the drawback of having to close popup ads, when watching your favorite cartoon.

Other sites for KissCartoon Alternatives

  • Kimcartoon
  • Toonget
  • Toonova
  • Watch Series
  • Crunchyroll
  • Toonjet
  • Nickelodeon
  • Funimation
  • Disney Now
  • Cartoons On
  • Animedao
  • Anime Toon
  • Cartooncrazy
  • 9anime
  • Disney Junior
  • Kimcartoon.To
  • Animerhino
  • Masterani.Me
  • Nickelodeon
  • Watchanimedub
  • Kisscartoon
  • Animelab
  • Chia-Anime
  • Youtube
  • Cartoonextra
  • Dubbedanime
  • Toonova
  • Toonget
  • Aniwatcher
  • Anime-Planet
  • Aniwatch
  • Watchmovie

Final Thoughts

If you used to watch cartoons or anime on KissCartoon, and now looking for an alternative, then our article should help you in finding another site, which is worth visiting.

Watching cartoons is a great way to relax, and take a break from other things and just life in general. Therefore, why not enjoy your favorite cartoon alone or with your children and enjoy bringing your childhood memories back.

Are these sites free?

These sites are free. You can watch any cartoon or anime for free.

Are these sites legal?

These sites mentioned above are 100% legal. You can watch any cartoon or anime for free.

Do we have to sign up or subscribe to any site?

No, most of them do not require you to sign up or take up any kind of subscription.

How can one avoid the pop-up ads?

To not get disturbed by the pop-up ads, you can download an extension of any Ad-Blocker. This will stop any ads from popping up and disturbing you.

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