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PDFBear: The 4-Step Process of Converting PDF to PDF/A

The majority of people assume that PDF and PDF/A are just the same file formats and offer the same services. That is why they don’t bother converting their PDF documents into PDF/A. While beginners in using digital documents are not aware of the latter’s existence. But you probably heard it from other business owners and researchers. They are the most common users of this format.


PDF and PDF/A have distinct characteristics in terms of longevity. When software upgrade happens in the future, PDF may no longer be accessible. It does not contain features suitable for long-term archiving. On the other hand, PDF/A has better chances of making your document accessible for almost a lifetime. So if you want to transform your documents in this file format, you should use PDFBear. It is an online tool that provides better solutions to your PDF-related problems.

Use PDFBear to convert PDF to PDF/A

PDFBear is among the most efficient online tools today. It is increasingly gaining recognition because of its high-quality service while remaining free of charge. It maintains the readability and structure of the converted document. It also promotes itself as a safe space for every user by implementing a privacy policy. It means that the use of the website will not put your documents at risk.


In terms of converting PDF to PDFA, the process is just a walk in the park. For sure, you are a busy person so time is of utmost importance. You can have the converted file in just 2 minutes.

4-step process to convert PDF to PDF/A

To access the website, equip yourself with a working gadget, an easy-to-use browser, and a stable internet connection. Search the web page of PDFbear using your chosen browser. Over 20 tools will appear on your screen so locate PDF to PDF/A converter and click it.

Step 1. Drag the document into the converter tool

There is a need for you to make the document available on the website. You can do this by dragging it into the toolbox. It is understandable to be hesitant in uploading a file with sensitive information. But the online tool assures you that its server will automatically delete it after an hour of uploading.

Step 2. Click your desired conformance level

After successfully uploading the document, there would be a list of conformance levels. You have to choose only one. No worries if you don’t have prior knowledge about these levels. The website provides information on what each of them means. But in case that you still can’t decide, you may want to do your research. Come back on the website after you have a specific conformance level on your mind.

Step 3. Click the convert PDF/A button

The last thing you need to do to start the process of converting documents is to click the convert PDF/A button. After a few minutes, the converted file must be available.

Step 4. Download the new document

You have to download the file so that you can easily open it even without an internet connection. Aside from that, losing it is less likely to happen.

What is PDF/A?

If you are a business owner, you know that failure to ensure the preservation of your digital records and reports would mean failure of the business. It is not an exaggeration but a fact. Once you could no longer access any business-related files, you can face possible financial and legal risks. But the good thing is that technology found a way to help you dodge this nerve-wracking problem.


Nowadays, there is already a PDF/A that stands for Portable document format archiving. From the name itself, you will have an idea that it is useful to address the threat of losing access to your documents in the long run. It will help keep your files and records for as long as you want.

Why is PDF/A an ideal format?

You are probably wondering how PDF/A makes archiving documents possible. Well, it can view your document regardless of the available software tools in the future. All original fonts, colors, and images placed in the file will appear the same when you open it even with a different setting and software. Aside from that, it embeds all the fonts you used. It is necessary so that you will not face any challenges at a time of future reading.


When you use PDF/A, encryption is not possible. It means that you can’t set any password on your file. It imposes this restriction because there is a chance that you can’t decrypt the file anymore in the future. The file format does not also allow adding of links to websites or external documents because they may not be accessible in the long run.

In a Nutshell

The exceptional ability of PDFBear to provide good results quickly makes it a highly rated online tool. It addresses problems through the provision of easy-to-perform steps that means you don’t need to do the heavy thinking. You will not regret accessing it to meet your needs as a business owner.

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