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How to Fix [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] Error | 100% Best Solution


Pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff Error in Email

Did you happen to face the error code [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] when using Microsoft Outlook?

If you did, then it means there is some kind of problem is going on with the Microsoft Outlook email application.

The [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] error code is more common than one would think. It becomes a problem because it doesn’t allow the user to use the application.

You’re reading our article because this pii_email error is not allowing you to receive or send emails. You want it solved!

This article should help you solve the error and continue using your Microsoft Application as normal.

We will tell you the reasons for the occurrence of this error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] and how you can solve it.

Reasons for the occurrence [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] error code

As we mentioned before that this error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] is common. That means there can be various reasons why this error occurs.

However, three main reasons cause this error. Those are:

  1. The first and most common cause is when a problem occurs during the time of the installation process. What happens is, when you are installing Windows or Microsoft Outlook, an error may occur in the installing process. That is why when you open Microsoft Outlook, you will see the error code [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff].
  2. If you happen to run more than one account on Outlook, then it can cause this error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff]. The application gets overwhelmed when you continuously log in and out of different accounts. Therefore, causing the error to appear and not allow you to do your email tasking.
  3. Another common cause is when you use more than one application to send and receive emails. The applications conflict, making the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] appear.

How to efficiently solve the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff]?


We have a couple of various solutions, which will help you solve the How to efficiently solve the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff]. This error is an operational mistake.

Try the below solutions in the sequence we have given. Try solution 1 and if it does not work, then go to solution 2 and so on.

Solution no.1: Update Microsoft Outlook

One of the main reasons known for this error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] is when the user is not using the latest version of the application.

Therefore, if in any case or possibility that you are using an older version, then the best thing would be to update it.

When you update the application, it will not only fix the error but also help remove other bugs and increase the latest security.

To update the application:

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook Application
  2. Click on “File” on the left-hand side corner.
  3. Select Account/Office Account
  4. Click on Product Information
  5. Select Update option
  6. If you are using the latest version, the application will let you know with the message You’re up to date
  7. If not, it will show Update Now

Once you click on Update Now, follow the instructions given. Once updated, reopen the application.

The error should not appear.

Solution No 2: Clear Cookies and Cache

If the above solution did not work, then this one should. Try cleaning your Cookies and Cache.

Cleaning cookies and cache means all previous data and history will get deleted. At times these unwanted data or files jam applications and damage them.

When you clear all the cookies, you will be getting a blank canvas. It will refresh everything.

To Clear Cookies and Cache:

  1. Open Browser
  2. On the right-hand corner on the top click on the three available vertical dots (it represents more)
  3. Several options will appear. Select More Tools
  4. Click on Clear Browser Data
  5. Click on Advance
  6. Tick all the checklist
  7. Click on Clear Data when the confirmation message pops up
  8. The Cache and Cookies will get deleted
  9. Reopen browser
  10. Log in to one single account

This solution should remove the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff].

However, if it still appears, then go to the next solution.

Solution No 3: Using Auto Repair Tool

Every system has an Auto Repair Tool. This tool scans the application and repairs any problems occurring in it.

This Auto Repair Tool will help get rid of the error code [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] on Microsoft Outlook.

To use the Auto Repair Tool:

  1. Click on Start
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. Click of Software & Features
  4. Look for the Outlook App or the Application that links the Outlook App like Microsoft 360
  5. Click Edit on the top
  6. Go to Feature > Repair
  7. The Auto Repair Tool will start scanning and diagnosing
  8. Follow any instruction given

The Auto Repair tool will scan and then repair any error automatically.

Once it gets done, open the application and see whether the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] is gone.

Solution No 4: Reinstall Microsoft Outlook

Uninstalling and reinstalling is one of the most standard ways of solving an error of an application.

At times when Microsoft Outlook does not get installed correctly, it can make the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] appear.

Therefore, reinstalling the application solves any issues it had during the installation before.

Ensure you back up all your Microsoft Outlook data: You will have to sign in again.

To reinstall:

  1. Click on Start/ the start key
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Click on Programs
  4. Select on Uninstall or Change Program
  5. Right-Click of Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Outlook
  6. Click change
  7. The installer program will open
  8. Select Reinstall Office
  9. Click on Install

This solution will reinstall, and ensure you have the latest version.

Once completed, open Microsoft Outlook and check if the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] still appears or not.

Other simpler solutions to solve the error code [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] include:

Removing Third-Party Email Application

If you are using another email application from a third-party, it can use the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff].


The third-party application will cause conflict with Microsoft Outlook. Therefore uninstall the third-party application and see if that solves the error.

Cleaning Your System using Cleaning App

DNS cache, DNS files, or other files that got hidden may cause the error code [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff] on Outlook.

If you wish to clean such files manually, you can. However, that actions will take a lot of your time.

The best option, in this case, would be to downloading and installing a Cleaning App and let it do it automatically. It will save a lot of your time and get the job done.

Try installing and using the CCleaner app or something similar. This app will clean your browser and your PC system.

Log in to One Account

As we mentioned in the reasons, how using multiple accounts on Outlook can overwhelm the software and cause the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff].

Therefore, log out of all accounts, clear the history. Once done, then log in on one account only.

This should help remove the error.

Contact Microsoft Support

The last option, if none of the above solutions worked, then the best option is to contact Microsoft Support.

By contacting Microsoft Support, you can find out the exact reason for the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff], and how you can remove it.

Contact Microsoft Support:

  • Open browser
  • Go to the Microsoft Website
  • Click on Support

You can choose how you want to contact them. Once you contact them, follow their solution, and it will get rid of the error. (Hopefully!)

Our Final thought [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff]:

We hope the above solutions that we have for the error [pii_email_9a7ca4c8df11ff6c23ff]. Let us know why commenting below that which solution worked for you. Also, let us know if you have any solutions that we may have missed out on.

Don’t forget to share and help others.

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