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10 Top Sites to Read Online Manga

Are you a fan of the manga and want to read the online manga? Are you looking for sites to read online manga? Read online manga high-quality free manga online new chapters and best quality manga alternative sites online for free.

What is manga?

Manga is a Japanese word that gets used to describe comic book series printed with Japanese culture as its most important feature.

Most of them are in Japanese. However, they often get translated into English by different companies and fans.

We have created this article for manga lovers who want are looking to read online manga.

Five sites we have provided are free and not exactly legal, and for people looking for legal sites, we have provided five legal sites.

Continue reading for the 10 best sites to read online manga.

Read Online Manga

Read Online Manga high-quality free manga online New Chapters and Best quality manga


If you choose to go for sites that are not legal, then that is on your hands. We are only providing information and are not promoting these sites. Therefore use at your own risk.

We’re discussing the following sites:

  • MangaReader
  • MyReadingManga
  • MangaKakalot
  • ManagaPanda
  • Honto
  • ComiXology
  • Manga Plus By Shueisha
  • Crunchyroll
  • Book Walker
  • Viz Media


A site to read online manga, which is free and comic fans will love is ManageReader.

MangaReader is a site where comic lovers can read online manga content from many different genres like action, fantasy, love, and adventure.

Furthermore, users do not have to register, just go on to the site, open the comic they want to read.

It has an easy and simple interface and no over or unnecessary features.

It also has a search bar to find the comic title you want, without any problem.

Lastly, a feature that many fans of this site love is the fact it does know show ads like many other sites.


A site that contains the largest collection of online manga to read is MyReadingManga.

This site has got listed as the best mange site to read online manga.

Why? Because this site provides the most specific English translation for its various manga readers.

Like the site before, you do not have to create an account or sign in to read its manga content.

Users can also discuss weekly episodes of the manga your reading, recommend manga series to others, and do much more.


A browser where mange lovers can read various online manga is MangaKakalot.

This site is free to use. However, you will have to create an account and log in to read the online manga.

You will find various interesting manga comics.

The site gets updated on a daily basis and ensures it has the latest one available.

Moreover, the site has high-quality comic images, and it has a well-organized interface.

MangaKakalot is the best manga site that allows its users to access the site through their mobile devices also.


A green-themed site where comic lovers can read online manga is MangaPanda.

This site has a search option feature, making find your favorite comic you want to read easy.

More than 40% of the MangaPanda users are from the US. So, they ensure that they offer various amazing content.

You will not have to create an account to access the comic you want to read.

The interface on this site is amazing, and the quality content is high, making it easy to read.


Honto.jp is a popular site where users can read online manga for free.

On this site, you can also find various free webtoons, which you can download for free.

Most of the manga comics are this site has gotten published in Japanese.

Why? Because more than 92% of the site users are Japanese.

This site is best as it features manga content in paper books and ebooks forms.

Users can use this site on PC, iOS, Mac, and Android devices.

Legal Sites to Read Online Manga


A site to read online mange that is a cloud-based platform with digital manga spreading comic books for users with Kindle, Android, iOS, and so on is ComiXology.

It is a legal site and has become one the most popular and most comprehensive options globally since it became a part of Amazon.com in 2014.

It offers various Japanese manga and many American comic books like DC and Marvel.

It is not a free service. Users will have to pay around $5.99 to get access to more than 25,000 comics.

Manga Plus By Shueisha

A site that gets managed by Weekly Shonen Jump’s company, a Japanese manga magazine, is Manga Plus by Shueisha.

This site got started in 2019.

What is Weekly Shonen Jump?

It is the most famous manga magazine that is Japanese and known globally.

This magazine was the one who published famous mangas like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and so on.

The site Manga Plus by Shueisha provides users with the online version of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine when it gets published in Japan.

Furthermore, they get translations into Spanish and English.


A site that got launched in 2006 in the United States is Crunchyroll.

It is the most popular and enormous online manga site.

The latest episodes of all the Mangas get released on the same say as it does in Japan.

You can read online manga for free.

However, if you want to have access to all the collections of manga and anime, then you will have to buy its Crunchyroll Premium subscription plan.

The plan costs $7.99.

This plan will mean that you can access both anime and manga and enjoy shopping on the site at a discounted rate.

It’s legal, so no need to worry about getting caught or fined.

Book Walker

One of the most secure e-book stores and apps that have gotten served by Kadokawa, a huge Japanese publishing company, is Book Walker.

You can buy mangas or read some that they have on the site for free.

The site has an easy interface and offers manga like Neon Genesis, Evangelion, Attack on Titan, and many more.

This site is in Japanese.

However, you can turn on Google translate for the site.

You can do that by right-clicking the mouse or tapping the menu on your PC or phone and use the Google translation feature.

This site is legal and you can go on it without any worry.

Viz Media

A site that is the largest American mange publisher and distributor of anime is Viz Media.

Viz is a site where various must-read manga gets published.

Many famous mangas like One Piece, Studio Ghibli comic, Full Metal Alchemist, Case Closed, and so on have gotten distributed all around the world through Viz Media.

You can go on to their site to read the latest manga from all around the world, see the latest news and updates regarding manga.

You can choose from various manga to read online for free.

Also read:

NO. Name Online/Download
1 BookWalker online
2 honto.jp PC/Mac/Android/IOS/Online
3 mangareader.net online
4 mangastream online
5 KissManga (this site is closed) online
6 mangapanda online
7 MangaPark online
8 Comico online
9 mangakakalot online
10 zingbox.me online/Android& ios App
11 MyreadingManga online
12 Mangago online
13 mangafreak online
14 AnimeNova online
15 Ten Manga online
16 VIZ online
17 mangadom online
18 mangainn.net online
19 mangaz.com online
20 ComicWalker online
21 crunchyroll online
22 MangaReborn online
23 mangabb online
24 Mangabom online
25 Otaku Smash online
26 FUNMANGA online
27 comixology online
28 MangaBox online
29 Renta online
30 readmanga.eu online

Final Thoughts

Manga is an interesting read. There are manga fans all over the world. This article will help you find the best site for you to read Manga online easily.

Let us know which site you checked out and like the most. Furthermore, to get the most amazing experience, you can learn Japanese using subtitle features.

What is the best website for reading manga?

Best Manga Reader Apps and Sites Comixology (Compatible with: Web, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire) VIZ Manga (Compatible with: Android, iOS) Shonen Jump (Compatible with: Android, iOS, Browser) Crunchyroll (Compatible with: Android, iOS, Browser) Book Walker (Compatible with: Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Browser) Renta (Compatible with: Browser) Manga Club (Compatible with: Browser) Mangamo (Compatible with: Android, iOS)

Where can I read manga online 100% legally?

Crunchyroll E-Manga Book Walker Comic Walker Coolmic App Futekiya Gen Manga Inky Pen (Nintendo Switch App)

Is reading manga online safe?

Yes, reading manga online is safe but It's kind of illegal. Incase if the manga you're reading contains the copyright material by the publisher.

Where can I read manga for free illegally?

mangaowl.net mangakakalot.com mangarock.com webtoons.com lezhinus.com tapas.io myreadingmanga.info

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