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Tom Hanks Net Worth

Tom Hanks Net Worth 2021

Who does not know of Tom Hanks? Do you wish to know Tom Hanks Net Worth?

Tom Hanks Net Worth

Tom Hanks is an American actor, producer, and director.

In fact, he is the hights paid actor of the all-time box office.

His performance in the romantic comedy Splash got him the limelight he needed to give his acting career a push.

Tom Hanks earned him commercial success and stardom because of his upbeat and charming personality.

If you wish to know more about Tom Hanks, from his early life, relationships to career, and net worth, then continue reading.

Tom Hanks Net Worth

Tom Hanks Net Worth

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Tom Hanks’s full name is Thomas Jeffery Hanks.

He was born in Concord, California on July 9, 1956.

His father, Amos Mefford, was an itinerant cook and his mother, Janet Marylyn, worked at a hospital.

He has three siblings, Larry, Jim, and Sandra.

In 1960, his parents got divorced. He and his siblings, Sandra and Larry,  moved with their father, and Jim moved with his mother.

Age, Weight, Height & Appearance

Tom Hanks is 64 years old.

He is 1.83m tall (that’s around 6 feet).

He weighs around 86 Kg.

Tom Hanks has Grey hair and Moss Green eyes.


He went to Skyline High school in Oakland and in 1974, graduated from it.

He then enrolled at Chabot College in Hayward in California but transferred to California State University to go after his acting dream.

In 1977, he quit studying and accepted the internship that the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival offered him.

Before becoming famous, he used to work at a store.

Nationality, Enthicity, Zodiac, Religion

Tom Hanks is an American.

His mother was of Portuguese descent and his father was of English ancestry.

He’s a Greek Orthodox.

His Zodiac sign is Cancer.

Relationship & Children

Tom Hanks is married to Rita Wilson. The couple has been married for 32 years.

They met on the Bosom Buddies Show, where they just felt a connection according to Tom Hanks.

The couple has two children together:

  1. Chester Hanks is an actor and rapper
  2. Truman Theodore Hanks works in production roles

Tom Hanks before marrying Rita Wilson was married to Samantha, who passed away due to bone cancer in 2002. Tom Hanks had two children with Samantha:

  1. Colin Hanks, who is now 43 years old.
  2. Elizabeth Hanks, who is 38 years old.

Both are actors.


  • In 1978, in Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona, he performed as Proteus and won the Cleveland Critics Circle award for the Best Actor.
  • Tom Hanks then performed in many summer production from 1978 to 1980 and worked in Sacramento for a theater company.
  • He moved to New York in 1979 with the hope of performing on Broadway.
  • In 1980, he debuted in He Knows You’re Alone, which was a low-budget horror movie.
  • Furthermore, in 1980 Tom Hanks performed in Bosom Buddies, a TV sitcom, which got him critical recognition.
  • Tom Hanks made a guest appearance in Happy Days, a TV episode impressing Ron Howard, his co-actor.
  • Ron Howard invited him to play a supporting role in Splash in 1984.
  • In Big, he played a 34-year-old man who has a 13-year-old trapped in him, which got him the break he needed and soon after started appearing in many blockbuster hits.
  • His performance in Punchline was notable and won him the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award.
  • His major breakthrough was when he played as an attorney who has AIDS in Philadelphia in 1993.
  • He played the lead role in 1994 in the movie Forrest Gump. 
  • He and Steven Spielberg teamed up in 1998 and performed in a challenging role for the first time on Saving Private Ryan.
  • He got cast in Band of Brothers and in A Tribute to Heroes in 2001.
  • He appeared in many movies in 2004, including The Terminal, The Polar Express, and The LadyKillers. 
  • The Great Buck Howard got produced by him, and he and his son Colin Hanks starred in it.
  • The movie Game Change had Tom Hanks as the executive producer.
  • He further starred in many movies and has a new movie coming out in 2022.


Tom Hanks has won 91 awards and 198 nominations.

He has won awards from many awarding bodies including:

  • Academy Awards, USA
  • Primetime Emmy Awards
  • 20/20 Awards
  • AARP Movies for Grownups Awards
  • Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA
  • American Comedy Awards, USA
  • American Film Institute, USA
  • Award Circuit Community Awards
  • BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards
  • Bambi Awards
  • Blockbuster Entertainment Awards
  • Christopher Awards
  • Golden Apple Awards
  • Golden Globes, USA
  • Hasty Pudding Theatricals, USA
  • Hollywood Film Awards
  • Jupiter
  • Kids Choice Awards
  • MTV Movies and TV Awards

Tom Hanks Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tom Hanks’s net worth is around $400 million.

Tom Hanks is the most known, regarded, and highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

The domestic box office lifetime gross of Tom Hanks is more than $4.6 billion and around $9.7 billion is his total world box office gross.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Tom Hanks can get found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

On Instagram, his ID is @tomhanks and he has 9.4 million followers.

His Facebook account is Tom Hanks, and on there, he has around 12 million followers.

His Twitter account is @tomhanks, and he has around 16.5 million followers.

Tom Hanks on IMDB @tomhanks


What is Tom Hanks Favorite Food and Movies?

Tom Hanks loves to eat Gyrp, Japanese cuisines. He loves the movies, Looper, Fargo, Elephant, and The Godfather.

Why is a caption role always gotten played by Tom Hanks?

According to the director of Greyhound, Aaron Schneider, Tom Hanks fits well into the captain role as he is always curious, goal-orientated, and empathic.

What was the big break of Tom Hanks?

Breakthrough got made by Tom Hanks in the roles he did in Splash and Big Comedy.

How many movies has Tom Hanks done?

He has done around 98 movies.

What is Tom Hanks Latest movie?

The latest upcoming movie by Tom Hanks is Elvis.

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