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Top Zooqle Alternative Torrent Sites That Work in 2021


Zooqle is one of the most popular torrent sites to date. This is coined to the fact that all the files are practically verified and available on this platform. the main reason behind this is to ensures that the files have no virus which may attack the phones or computers. After numerous attempts to shut it down, there has been a change in user-friendly terms. This has made writing impossible since creating an account or logging into this website is complex as logging in requires interaction with the website. But this should not worry you as there are numerous alternatives discussed in this article.

zooqle Alternatives

zooqle Alternatives

Pirate Bay

Pirate bay is one of the internet leading free torrent sites. One can easily upload a file as it is a user-contributed platform in which an individual can download a torrent without a login. The main merit of it is that does not give a Metalink thus one only downloads the file directly. Besides, it allows for faster download of files as one can easily locate the file which saves the time required to go searching for the specifically needed torrent.

 ISO Hunt

This is a new site in the torrent industry. The site has come up with a new improvised URL that keeps it active and running smoothly. The site is suitable for those in need of the latest movies or TV episodes as its files are frequently updated. This ensures that people are kept updated at their comfort.


IDope is much similar to the google search engine. It gives several search options when looking for a particular title thus a chance to choose the preferred one. For example, one may specify whether they prefer a movie or e-book version. This is made easy by the fact that the files are arranged in a vertical order hence easy to locate.

Kick Ass Torrents

Also one of the biggest internet torrent sites similar to zooqle. The platform has been shut but reopened via a new URL. In addition to having a simple layout and interface, it has a wide list of files ranging from software, e-books, and movies. This provides a wide range of varieties of various files to different groups of consumers such as the youth, children, and adults.


A graph on most downloaded torrents is always illustrated on the homepage. This in turn enables one to browse and explore the various torrent files on different category folders. The site is termed as a complete source as it gathers content from the other platforms. Commonly referred to in the downloading of VPN software before one can access various sites while hiding your identity. This is advantageous as one can obtain and download their needed private torrent with no recognition.


Used mainly by people whose concern torrent downloads are movies. typically, YTS is an excellent choice since its simple interface easily helps one go through the various movie titles. This in turn enhances easier and efficient movie downloads to your computer. The movies come in HD qualities of small sizes that help in economizing space and also boost the rate downloads.


This site has a wonderful interface with well-organized torrent categories. In this platform unlike in zooqle, the files are not complete in terms of the updates on the latest releases. The site also has some set sections which show top downloads. While using this one needs VPN software as the latter tracks the IP address and the location one stays. The platform is useful when one is unsure of the download as the user may easily confirm the download material by reading or playing it for clarification.

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