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Wealth Plan For Every Man

Wealth Plan

WealthPlan team can help ensure you keep up with the momentum and manage your financial life.

With so many countries from which you can operate your Younique Wealth Business, the internet can give you the leverage to create an international presence with your business.

Wealth Plan

Wealth Plan

Network Marketing Business Opportunity

If you are looking for a unique Network Marketing business opportunity, Younique Wealth Systems is just what you are in need of. With the uncertainty in the global economy, stock markets tumbling, and banks failing, this MLM Business opportunity seems very well positioned to capitalize.

As a Younique Independent Business Owner, you have, at your fingertips, the tools to create wealth.

The industry within which this MLM company operates has been rising steadily over the last few years and is set to continue doing so.

Younique Wealth Systems offers its customers and distributors gold and silver. Gold protects your wealth against market and currency fluctuations, and that has been proven for thousands of years.

Younique Wealth: The Beginning

Phillip Judge founded this network marketing company. Phillip is a co-founder of the Anglo Far Eastern Bullion company. Phillip judge has spent a considerable amount of time working in the bullion and wealth management industry and has extensive experience.

Phillip Judge has written and produced an award-winning documentary, “Millenium Money”.

January 2008 saw the coming to being of Younique Wealth Systems. Before then, the company employed the name Joseph Wealth Systems.

Presiding over this MLM company is Phillip Judge. The mission of the company is to put wealth into the hands of the masses.

Who Would Put Their Name And Reputation To Endorse Younique Wealth Systems?

The Chairman And Founder Of Life Success Group Of Companies, Bob Proctor, endorses this gold and silver network marketing company.

Bob Proctor had this to say about this gold and silver network marketing company:

“If you are not involved, then get involved”.

MLMWatchdog.com’s very own MLM Consultant, Rod Cooke had wonderful words about Younique Wealth Systems. Given that Rod Cooke is from MLMWatchdog.com, and this MLMWatchdog.com is independent, this speaks volumes about Younique Wealth Systems.

Rod Cooke himself has 30+ years in the Network Marketing industry. What he said was, “Younique is the only legal Network Marketing Company in the gold sales business I know since they concentrate on selling gold to end consumer retail customers as well as their distributors. Having end consumer retail customers is an essential part of maintaining legality worldwide”.

In 2007 and 2008, Rod Cooke was invited by Younique to their head offices, so he could review their management, operations, and processes.

Perfect Timing – Is Younique Wealth Systems Well Positioned For These Trying Times We Face?

Without introducing the right product to the right market, at the right time, any marketing efforts will fail. With uncertainty and turmoil so rampant in the current global economy, this Network Marketing company looks well placed.

In a down economy, which industries prosper?

Gold and silver’s purchasing power has remained consistent for thousands of years. Consider what’s happening right now – the prices of goods are constantly going up, and the price of gold goes up as well. Storing part of your wealth in gold and silver thus guarantees some hedging against the effects of inflation.

It’s for this reason that this network marketing company is here at the right time.

Any Successful Organization Has Great Leadership In Place

At the helm of this bullion multilevel marketing company, is a dedicated team, that is experienced in the wealth management and precious metals (particularly gold and silver) industry.

The president of Younique Wealth is Phillip Judge. Phillip Judge has worked in the precious metals banking industry.

With decades of bullion industry experience between them, the company’s leadership consists of Phillip Judge as the president, Mike Turton as the CEO, Simon Heaps, and Bill Rowell.

Central to Younique’s international operations is a global international supply and distribution network. This ensures gold and silver are shipped to consumers from Switzerland.

The Gold Tribe – What Do You Get As A Younique Wealth Systems Independent Business Owner

By becoming a member of Younique Wealth’s Gold Tribe, you get the opportunity to create a long-term wealth strategy.

With a low entry cost, becoming an Independent Business Owner or customer with this company puts you on the path to creating real wealth. In the current economy, the low start-up cost is a PLUS!

What Do You Get As A Younique Wealth Distributor:

  • A Gold Shop where you can sell your bullion to your retail customers
  • A wholesale shop where you can purchase your gold and silver
  • A wealth sense program, which is a monthly streaming program meant to stimulate your wealth consciousness.
  • A collection of websites and tools to market your business opportunity
  • The privilege to take part in the pay plan
  • You can advertise and market the Younique Wealth collection of wealth awareness products

Most network marketing companies require that you purchase and consume products. Younique Wealth does the opposite… They require that you purchase gold and silver bullion via a savings-based model… This model guarantees that you store your wealth in gold and silver bullion; the money of kings and queens.

Using this gold and silver savings model, you create cash flow for yourself and build your wealth in REAL assets. As currencies the world over feel the effects of inflation, gold and silver bullion retain their value.

Younique Wealth Systems

Younique Wealth Systems is in the business of marketing gold and silver. By purchasing their bullion, you are the outright owner and not the bearer.

These products can be purchased on a monthly basis, and in the process, you are effectively saving your money in the form of gold and silver. Most network marketing companies force you to consume products that are gone tomorrow and provide no value after that.

If you build your gold and silver home business, you will reap great rewards – you will have income and wealth stored as bullion. This gold and silver MLM company allows you to build residual and reserve at the same time. This business gives you the opportunity to get paid to save in gold and silver.

As your business grows, your monthly gold and silver bullion product purchase is offset by your monthly earnings. Younique is essentially giving you gold and silver for free.

Younique Wealth also has wealth training products and materials. Having access to gold and silver is not enough; Education, knowledge, and wisdom are required to maintain this wealth.

Your children and dependents could benefit greatly from such wisdom and education. Distributors never have to worry about offloading any product – who would want to?

Younique Wealth Systems provides its distributors with helpful training and business-building websites and tools to aid in marketing their businesses.

Of course, to really build the business successfully, one needs to master the skills necessary to generate a lot of interesting prospects, as well as recruit them and train them to do the same. The internet can greatly help you in generating Younique Wealth Business Leads.

The business can be run from many countries, and this list of countries is expanding. With so many countries from which you can operate your business, the internet can give you the leverage to create an international presence with your business.

By becoming a member of Younique’s Gold Tribe and building your business, you are building value in a monthly product that can be redeemed.

Younique’s Pay Plan – Geared To Make The Average Person Succeed

Younique’s Wealth Plan For Every Man is a unique and powerful wealth creation plan that’s simplified so that everyone can achieve financial freedom.

With the Wealth Plan For Every Man, you get to build a powerful home business that pays you recurring income and bonuses monthly.

The more people who join your business, the more income you make, so you must have a plan to generate MLM leads for your business.

With financial institutions collapsing, stock markets crashing, mortgage defaults, and inflation on the way up, the days ahead look gloomy. Storing your wealth in private gold and silver will help you weather the coming financial storm.

Younique Wealth Systems gives you access to the safest store of wealth known to man.

Building reserve and residual income are thus possible with this multilevel marketing business opportunity.

Taking your time to analyze a Network Marketing Company is important if you are to become an Independent Distributor and have success with the company. The same applies to Younique Wealth Systems.

What is a wealth plan?

A Wealth Plan is an outstanding tool to help you to have a look at your current position while helping you to understand what needs to be done to work toward your goals.

How do I create a wealth plan?

There are some easy to follow rules... by Saving Smartly... Turn your monthly saving into investment through SIPs... Increase your investment periodically... Invest lumpsum when possible

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