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Powder Coating

What You Need To Know About Powder Coating

If you have recently bought a powder coating gun or plan on doing so but you are not certain about what powder goes well with which part of the house or on your car rims, then this article will help you know and understand the different types of coating powder that are available for your different needs. After purchasing most of your equipment for your painting project, you need to figure out which type of powder to use and to know about how long it will last until it requires another coating in the future. Coating powders are not the same because some are better suited for use because of their low chemical levels while others are only used for specific purposes. Powder coating is a simple and convenient way to paint your objects but it doesn’t just end with buying an effective powder coating gun because you need to know how to choose the right kind of powder as well as have the technique on the lock to avoid drips and sags all over your workspace.

5 Types of Powder

The following is a summary of the different types of available coating powder.

  • Epoxy

These coatings offer you strong resistance to chemicals and erosion. Their smooth and uniform appearance and inability to withstand UV exposure makes them suitable for use in indoor products because prolonged sun exposure leads to fading.

  • Polyester

These coatings provide strong adhesive properties even though they have weak chemical resistance. Their exceptional gloss retention makes them look great on fencing and outdoor furnishings.

  • Nylon

Commonly known for their use in industrial applications, nylon coatings provide resistance to many solvents and oils which enables them to withstand damage caused by impact or abrasion. Their primary use is the protection of materials.

  • Polyurethane

Polyurethane coatings are versatile and offer dual purpose as decorative and functional products. They can be used for indoor or outdoor furniture because not only are they weather resistant but they offer resistance to humidity, corrosion, and a wide range of chemicals and oils.

  • Metallic

These coatings offer visual appearance and strength and durability. You can have any of the other four types be metallic because these coatings are conventional powders that have metallic particles added to them to change their composition. ​

The Bottom Line

​​​​To get the most out of your powder coating gun you need to make sure that you have a high voltage generator. A high-quality coating gun and the right type of coating powder will not only give you the benefits of long-lasting coatings but it will look great while offering your materials durability and protecting them from extreme weather conditions and natural conditions like corrosion. Moreover, powder coatings offer environmentally friendly solutions when compared to liquid coatings because of their application process and how they emit less carbon dioxide. The curing and drying process no longer has to take several hours, with coating powder you can paint your materials and still enjoy doing other activities throughout the day.

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